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Matt Hinton/ Partner – New York City

Matt HintonMatt oversees Control Risks’ Crisis and Resilience Consulting practice for North America, helping clients across industries prepare for, respond to and recover from complex crises. He has nearly 20 years’ experience helping global clients design, implement and enhance sustainable crisis management, business continuity, supply chain and enterprise risk capabilities. He frequently helps companies conduct forward-looking scenario analysis, designs and facilitates crisis exercises that focus on realistic scenarios (e.g., pandemics) and develop teams and plans that can respond to any crisis they may face. Contact Matt

Rebecca Scorzato/ Partner – Washington DC

Rebecca ScorzatoRebecca has more than 15 years of experience assisting organisations plan for and respond to major business and crisis issues. She has deep pandemic and epidemic crisis management experience. Rebecca served as an advisor for various organisations during H1N1, SARS and other infectious diseases outbreaks and, notably, played a critical role during H1N1 in supporting HealthCare Ready to ensure the resilience of the pharmaceutical supply system in the US. She regularly serves as an advisor to international crisis management teams across various industries with a particular focus on high-tech and pharmaceutical sectors. Contact Rebecca


Asia Pacific

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Nadav Davidai/ Director – Shanghai

Nadav DavidaiNadav has more than 12 years of experience helping organisations prepare and respond to crises. Based in Shanghai, Nadav has been assisting clients across Asia ensure their response plans are suitable to this unique COVID-19 situation. This includes developing plans and conducting tailored COVID-19 crisis trainings, as well as helping clients with effective communications and regulatory compliance matters. Before that, Nadav played a critical role during H1N1 in supporting clients, including leading HealthCare Ready’s response efforts on behalf of the pharmaceutical supply system in the US. Contact Nadav

Mark Shortman/ Principal – Sydney

Mark ShortmanMark has 20 years’ experience in security, crisis and resilience consulting spanning across 50 countries. He works with public and private sector clients, particularly in transport and infrastructure, utilities, energy and defence. Mark has directly enacted business continuity plans and initiated crisis responses globally, including pandemics, natural disasters, emergency and crisis responses. Over the past eight years, Mark has supported aided and advised multinational corporations in developing strategic resilience plans encompassing business continuity, crisis and emergency response plans related to various pandemics including H1N1 and MERS. Contact Mark



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Mark Whyte/ Partner – London

Mark WhyteMark leads the resilience, security and crisis management consulting practice for Europe and Africa. His expertise is in helping clients to understand the myriad of security, integrity and political threats and risks associated with their business and operating environments and to design and implement appropriate mitigation strategies that can help them become resilient enterprises. Mark has led the practice through its responses to the SARS and the West African Ebola epidemic. Contact Mark

Caroline Naumann/ Associate Director – Berlin

Caroline NaumannWith a specialised background in public health and crisis management, Caroline has supported organisations to prepare for global risks and respond to diverse crises including pandemics, natural disasters and political upheaval. Caroline is currently supporting many cross-sectoral clients to prepare for and respond to COVID-19, including scenario building, pandemic planning, strategic decision making and crisis response. Recent experience includes managing third-party coordination for public and private companies during international border closures and government-mandated movement restrictions and implementing a 3-day live crisis management simulation coordinating civilian and military efforts to contain a pandemic. Contact Caroline: Email | call +49 30 53 32 88 0 | LinkedIn

Claudine Fry/ Director – London

Claudine FryClaudine is leading Control Risks’ COVID-19 monitoring service and has expertise in delivering innovative solutions for clients with an interest in identifying, monitoring and treating political, security, reputational and operational risks at a tactical or strategic level. Claudine has many years of experience delivering actionable intelligence and analysis and has a background as an analyst working on South Asia at Control Risks, and formerly in open source intelligence in the public sector. Contact Claudine


Middle East

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Will Brown/ Director – Dubai

Will BrownWill has 20 years’ experience of assisting clients in crisis management, business continuity and operational resilience. He has assisted both Corporate and government organisations in responding to infectious disease outbreaks and pandemics. This experience has included assisting clients in their preparation for and response to SARS, H9N1, H1N1, MERS and Ebola (2016 and 2019). Will provides pragmatic support to clients and helps them design their strategic response to events. Additionally, Will has been involved in over 70 incidents, ranging from cyber response to assisting during a disease outbreak in a high-density trading environment. Contact Will

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