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Whether an organisation is facing an internal investigation into allegations of improper behaviour, responding to a whistleblower complaint, handling a regulatory inquiry, or a  commercial dispute, it is critical that the matter be handled quickly, thoroughly and sensitively.

With over 500 dedicated professionals across the world, experience in international markets and an established network of in-country contacts, we have the experience and capability to support organisations and their legal counsel across a range of sectors, regions and contexts.

Whether you need comprehensive support in a tricky dispute; specialised expertise for a sensitive investigation; or forensic, eDiscovery and eDisclosure services to make complex, highly technical and resource intensive tasks straightforward and effectiveyou're in good hands with Control Risks.


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Some of our recent work 

  • A software company faced allegations of sales diversions to a shell company by internal staff. Through proactive compliance monitoring across sales and distribution data, Control Risks’ proprietary library of algorithms detected behavioural red flags and identified the shell companies, allowing the client to take legal action. 
  • After suspicions of multi-tier deals to create slush funds through high discounts at a global technology service provider, our forensic technology team reviewed and processed data from laptops, mobile devices and accounting systems through a collaborative eDiscovery platform, which found documentation to support the allegations of fraud. 
  • Facing patent infringement allegations, a company brought in our eDiscovery team to conduct an exhaustive investigation of internal documents and communications. The investigation resulted in no evidence of infringement and demonstrated the client's research was independent and predated the competitor's patent. This led to a dismissal of the claim and affirmed the company's integrity. 
  • After a series of key personnel defected to a competitor, a global supplier of electronics asked Control Risks to investigate whether intellectual property and confidential information had been stolen. Our team of investigators uncovered evidence of mass copying of corporate data and the sharing of critical company intelligence to external parties. The investigation resulted in the company taking legal action against the individuals and a judicial order for the competitor to destroy any confidential IP that had been disseminated. 
  • A data insight firm suffered a data breach through a ransomware attack. The firm brought in Control Risks' digital forensic incident response team to use advanced data analytics and forensic data mapping techniques to accurately determine the extent of the breach and assist the client in notifying affected subjects and regulatory bodies. Our team helped the firm successfully mitigate potential legal consequences. 
  • After a series of consumer complaints relating to the sale of products via e-commerce sites, a Malaysian dairy producer came to Control Risks for our in-house web scraping capabilities and machine learning techniques. We used these tools to identify distributors that were selling counterfeit products, which allowed the client to remove those distributors from their network. 
  • Concerned about the role of social media influencers in the counterfeit chain, an e-commerce platform required a deep dive across various social media channels to identify high-risk social media influencers, brands which were being targeted, and high-risk product categories. Our in-house web scraping technology and advanced analytics allowed the platform to confidently remove thousands of points of sale that were previously circumventing controls. 

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