Critical Litigation and Dispute Support

Evaluate, understand, respond and resolve


Litigation and dispute support


Counterparty risk assessments – Forensic accounting – eDiscovery – Asset tracing 


Control Risks works with clients and their counsel to assess counterparties and assets before action, investigate and conduct eDiscovery during a dispute, and support asset enforcement and recovery after a settlement.

Litigation and dispute services

Counterparty assessment

Counterparty assessment: Investigate decision makers, financial backing, and political/government connections.

Global location mapping: Social media mapping and online surveillance to ensure that proceedings can be served effectively.

Fit to sue assessment 

Asset identification and valuation: Use global research capabilities and on-the-ground enquiries to inform litigation strategy and implement freezing orders.

Case assessment

Investigation support: Gather evidence including attending witness interviews and identifying undisclosed information.

Forensic accounting services: Financial analysis of damages, valuation assessments, and asset identification in financial statements.

Digital forensics and eDiscovery services: Data collection, processing, hosting, analytics and production.

Expert witness: Oral and written testimony in all manner of disputes, claims – including force majeure – and investigations. 

Asset enforcement

Asset enforcement: Establish the status of notable assets and business across the globe.

Recovery and counterparty review: Implement due diligence frameworks that review current and future business partners, and contractual and supply chain vulnerabilities.

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