Sport and Major Events Risk Management

Risk Management and Security Solutions for Sport and Major Events

Risk Management Solutions for Sport and Major Events


Control Risks has a long history of providing advice and services to the sports sector and also to other major event organisers. It is a significant activity for Control Risks, which has a global team of multi-disciplinary experts and external partners committed to our sports and major event clients worldwide. Our solutions centre around security, resilience and integrity in sport.

Services Control Risks offer to organisations involved in sports

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Risk Management and Security Solutions for Sport and Major Events

Integrity in Sport

  • Malfeasance risk assessments, especially bribery and corruption risk to sponsorship deals and broadcasting rights.
  • Compliance program development and training.
  • Investigative due diligence services, for example into investors, new owners or agents.
  • Transfer market due diligence, notably into third-party relationships.
  • Technology-driven volume compliance due diligence platforms.
  • Technology-enabled investigations into allegations of match fixing.
  • Forensic accounting review of fund misuse.
  • Enhanced vetting of senior hires (in most jurisdictions).
  • Litigation support, eDiscovery and other corporate services.


Risk Management and Security Solutions for Sport and Major Events

Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Threat and risk assessments including benchmarking and gap analysis.
  • Tailored threat and incident monitoring, including tactical and analytical briefings during all project stages.
  • Development of risk registers, governance, management strategies and enterprise risk management plans.
  • Dynamic cyber and social media risk monitoring, using Control Risks’ CORE+ and other tools.


Risk Management and Security Solutions for Sport and Major Events

Security and Resilience

  • Security master planning including liaison with stakeholders, public sector and suppliers.
  • Venue and supply chain security plans, including mitigations identified in the risk assessment and integrated with other operation’s plans.
  • Security design and engineering services for designers, architects and EPC companies.
  • Security program development, including cyber.
  • Security operations to support game operations, broadcasting or hospitality programs, including SOCs, executive protection, surveillance and counter-surveillance, journey planning, emergency planning and testing, command and control.
  • Security incident response and acute crisis management via Hiscox insurance policies.
  • Contingency planning, training and testing.

Who are our clients in sports and major events?

Control Risks has been involved in nearly all major global sporting events this century. Our involvement has ranged from designing and running security programmes to completing comprehensive all-hazards risk assessments for organisers and insurers. We have responded to a wide range of incidents and events, both via our relationship with Hiscox and directly for uninsured clients. We also conduct highly sensitive work around match fixing, fraud, forensics and asset tracking.  

We provide a wide range of support to candidate cities, organising committees, sports governing bodies, sports associations, leagues, event organisers, insurers, broadcasters, investors, event promoters, sponsors, ticket distributors, regulators, clubs, teams and stadium architects, owners and operators. Beyond sport, we have supported major political event organisers including the G7, the G8, and the G20, as well as organisers of VIP gatherings, global events and festivals.

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Control Risks sports practice

Our sports practice is a global team of multi-disciplinary experts and external partners committed to our clients worldwide. This team’s expertise stretches across multiple functions - from event security and risk management, to investigations and data analytics.

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A global network of partners

Our alliances with Hiscox, International SOS and Stats Perform help provide you with an even wider breadth of support in the fields of insurance and medical support. We also have a global network of local partners who support us to scale in certain functional areas. Control Risks offer an unparalleled combination of analytical capability and on-the-ground capacity across the wide spectrum of business, security, cyber, political, operational, reputational, economic and medical.

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