The situation

Our client, an international sporting association, wanted to improve the efficiency of its compliance process by reducing compliance-related operating costs, and minimise the administrative burden on their internal resources.

With a complex and geographically disparate set of counterparties, our client required a programmatic, risk-based and proportionate due diligence offering that would provide a consistent framework for evaluating the integrity of their third-party relationships in all countries in which they operate.


Control Risks’ approach

Working on-site in Western Europe, Latin and Central America, South East Asia and the Middle East, we conducted interviews with key members of staff to understand the structure of existing compliance frameworks in relation to the use of third-party suppliers.

We also performed detailed analyses on the client’s compliance systems and procedures to identify synergies and potential for automation as well as inefficient or superfluous process steps that could be revised or removed.


The outcome

We provided a tailored set of tiered reports focusing on specific sporting integrity, conduct and ethics risks in addition to integrated screening for sanctions and political exposure. The work allowed our client to prioritise limited resources on more in-depth due diligence for their higher risk third party population.

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