The challenge

An international sporting organisation engaged Control Risks to provide a cyber and information security threat assessment to its business travellers in preparation for a high-profile sporting event. 

We also assessed the broader threat of espionage and other cyber threats to its people, operations and systems ahead of the event, and advised on security controls and governance processes to mitigate those threats.

Control Risks’ approach

Our team held a workshop at the beginning of the engagement with the organisation’s key security stakeholders to gain a detailed understanding of the individual travellers and the client’s own perception of their threat exposure. We then used our threat intelligence analysis, and our expertise in investigating deep and dark web, open source, social media and technical sources, to identify the key threat actor groups posing the most significant threats; assessing each group’s intent and capabilities to target the client.

The outcome

Findings were used to recommend mitigation measures to the client. After the initial threat assessment, the client used our recommendations to successfully launched a review of their travel security policies related to the event

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