The challenge

Following a press report about cyber criminals targeting wealthy Africans in the UK, an anonymous third party contacted an EPL football club, saying he had ‘confidential information’ on an African player which ‘the club would want to keep out of the public domain.’ 

Control Risks’ approach

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team researched the press report and identified the criminal tactics employed to scam victims. Deep and dark online information was gathered on the player,  including his addresses in the UK and home country. We provided a security briefing to the player, covering both physical and online safety and advised on how to identify and avoid the specific scam. Our local office visited his family to brief them on online safety and conducted a security review of the player’s UK residence in addition to providing close protection and a car throughout the period of heightened threat.

The outcome

As expected, criminals approached the player, posing as an African charity. The player avoided the scam and was assured that he and his family were secure and continued to perform well. The club management gained confidence and took the initiative over the third party, who dropped contact after a short period.

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