Digital Forensics

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Digital Forensics

Data Mapping - Forensic Analysis and Expert Reporting
Forensic Imaging and Data Preservation - Mobile Device, Cloud and Social Media Collection


Too often, electronically stored information (ESI) contains key evidence that is overlooked or inadequately collected, leading to a failed investigation. With trained forensic consultants spread across our office network supported by our worldwide team of investigators, we offer you unlimited reach to acquire data in the context of investigations and litigation matters.

We are one of very few firms that can deploy quickly to collect data in jurisdictions with limited technical infrastructure, complex data privacy requirements or hostile environments.


Data mapping

Working seamlessly with our investigations teams in local languages, we map the key custodians of data and ESI sources for preservation and collection through interviews with client IT, custodians and witnesses. Control Risks also consults with corporate and outside counsel to ensure compliance with local data privacy and transfer laws.

Forensic analysis and expert reporting

Data collected by Control Risks’ forensic consultants can be indexed using both forensic and eDiscovery tools, which enables high-speed searching and retrieval of information according to specific criteria. Indexed data can be searched and analysed by various methods including keywords, date ranges and communication metadata.

Forensic processing of hard disk images also yields technical artifacts that profile computer use, which may be relevant to the case.

We provide expert reporting to document the entire digital forensics process to produce reports and witness statements for law enforcement, corporate counsel and law firms.

Forensic imaging and data preservation

We work to assure live and ambient data will have its integrity preserved to allow defensible analysis and review. When forensic imaging is not possible, Control Risks will perform defensible secure ESI collections and can also perform targeted collection of data that is digitally fingerprinted with a checksum to ensure its integrity.

Mobile device, cloud and social media collection

We are able to image and extract all types of data from a wide variety of mobile phones, tablets and the cloud.

Cloud source data presents a unique set of challenges in terms of data identification, preservation and acquisition – not to mention data privacy and transfer concerns. In accordance with client requirements and relevant data privacy and transfer laws, Control Risks’ forensic consultants can collect data from cloud services including webmail, hosted data repositories and social media websites.


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