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Active Assailant Response and Training


Active Assailant Response and Training


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Control Risks’ training and awareness programs can be tailored to our clients’ situations, on-site mitigation capabilities and local contexts.

Live or pre-recorded webinar

Our consultants deliver web-based training programs, live or pre-recorded designed to reach a broad number of employees.

In-person briefing

Training sessions led by our experts in your offices, providing leadership with actionable advice to enable them to recognize danger and act quickly to protect themselves during an incident.

Custom video training

A custom training video designed to meet the needs of your workforce and provide situational awareness strategies and reinforce safety-related corporate values.


A training module, suitable for new-hire onboarding or continuing education, to educate all employees on response methods and enhance the overall effectiveness of existing programs.

For more information on our overall offerings and team, please visit the Workplace Threat Management page.