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Workplace Threat Management


Workplace Threat Management


Tragic incidents of mass violence, at times involving aggrieved or radicalized employees, point to the increasingly complex risk environment that companies and their staff face in today’s world.

For over 40 years, Control Risks has advanced the concept of proactive workplace violence prevention, developing programs to help our clients identify and mitigate threats before they become crises, and providing critical response support when dangerous situations arise.

Threat assessment program development

Develop a program that ensures best practice for violence prevention both in the US corporate setting and globally

  • Benchmarking and gap analysis of your current approach for identifying, assessing, prioritizing and responding to concerning behaviors and situations
  • Actionable recommendations for program improvement, including specific areas for training your threat assessment team
  • Team and process design – Formalize team objectives and roles, and provide a global process for escalating and responding to issues of concern
Behavioural threat assessments and incident response

Control Risks stands ready to assist organizations in the assessment and mitigation of active threats. Our experts can also recommend an individually tailored intervention and threat management plan for an aggrieved individual.

Our unmatched experience in behavioral threat assessment enables us to design effective intervention strategies across the spectrum of threat situations and actors, from aggrieved current and former employees and other insiders, to hostile customers and other members of the public.


Training for organizations

Control Risks provides best-in-class training sessions that are customized to meet the needs of the various parties involved in violence prevention within organizations.

HR and security threat management training

An advanced half-day program specifically designed to meet the needs of team members managing individuals who exhibit behaviors of concern as well as those directly supervising the general workforce:

  • Strategies for proactively identifying and managing concerning situations in a manner designed to prevent escalation
  • Dynamic lectures and interactive case exercises drawn from our collective experience, all of which are customized to represent the organization’s work model
  • A complex interactive tabletop exercise designed to test the knowledge and operational effectiveness of the multi-disciplinary prevention and response team

Specialized crisis intervention training

Training designed for public-facing employees who are at risk of interacting with hostile or aggrieved customers and other members of the public:

  • Active listening techniques and exercises to help with conflict resolution
  • Crisis intervention techniques
  • Other strategies for de-escalating potentially volatile individuals and situations

Active assailant training

Preventing mass casualty attacks and active shooter incidents in the US and globally continues to be a top priority for Control Risks’ clients. Our active assailant training is designed for the general employee population, and reinforces safety-related corporate values within the context of a potential active shooter event.

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Kidnap, Extortion and Complex Incident Training

Open-enrollment workshops for individual participants

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