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Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Management Services


Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Management Services


Overview of Threat Management Services

For more than 45 years, Control Risks has advanced the concepts of proactive workplace violence prevention, threat assessment and threat assessment training, developing programs to identify and mitigate threats before they become a crisis.   

Control Risks has formed a market-leading specialty threat management team with deep expertise in behavioral analysis, threat assessment, mental health issues and violence prevention and response programs. The team is comprised of former leaders of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and local law enforcement as well as attorneys and mental health professionals. 

Workplace Threat Management Team

Our workplace threat management team is led by the experts below who are supported by Control Risks’ global team of crisis and security professionals

Our expert consultants have unmatched experience in conducting on-site reviews of high-profile active shooter events and have designed and implemented hundreds of risk management plans for potentially violent individuals. Their depth of experience includes:

  • Threat management and violence prevention
  • Specialized expertise in navigating mental health and legal issues
  • Cyber and insider threat capabilities
  • Aligned with ASIS and ATAP standards

We offer flexible commercial options including retainer services for prioritized access to our expert threat assessment and management guidance and our team of Workplace Violence Prevention and threat management experts.

For more information on our Workplace Threat Management services, or to speak directly with an expert, please email [email protected]

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COVID-19: Crisis Management and Threat Management in a new era

COVID-19: Crisis Management and Threat Management in a new era

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow and evolve, organizations around the world find themselves in ever-changing stages of crisis management, with new risks emerging at every turn.

Control Risks helps organizations prepare for, respond to and recover from a full range of disruptive events, and has been supporting clients with COVID-19 response efforts since the first outbreak in China. With a network of 36 offices across the world and experience operating in over 170 countries, we can ensure a truly global approach.

Our experts in crisis management and business continuity,along with our specialists in threat management and insider risk, are working closely with clients across all sectors to help them navigate through COVID-19-related challenges. Our teams provide everything from program reviews and specialized training through to retained support on threat response matters.These include, but are not limited to, changes to the workforce, deploying and enforcing business resumption protocols, mental health considerations, threat assessment and management as well as information, technology and cyber risk mitigation. 


Workforce security awareness and active assailant response training

Workforce security awareness and active assailant response training

Control Risks’ training awareness programs can be tailored to our clients’ situations, on-site mitigation capabilities and local contacts

Live or pre-recorded webinar
Our consultants deliver web-based training programs, live or pre-recorded, designed to reach a broad number of employees including those working remotely

In-person briefing
Training sessions led by our experts in your offices, providing leadership with actionable advice to enable them to recognize danger and act quickly to protect themselves during an incident

Custom video training
A custom training video designed to meet the needs of your workforce and provide situational awareness strategies and reinforce safety-related corporate values

A training module, suitable for new hire onboarding or continuing education, to educate all employees on response methods and enhance the overall effectiveness of existing programs 


Workplace violence prevention program development and active threat incident response

Workplace violence prevention program development and active threat incident response

Behavioural threat assessments and incident response

  • Control Risks stands ready to assist organizations in the assessment and mitigation of active threats. Our experts can also recommend an individually tailored intervention and threat management plan for an aggrieved individual. 
  • Our unmatched operational and research experience in behavioural threat assessment enables us to design effective intervention strategies across the spectrum of threat situations and actors. From aggrieved current and former employees to hostile customers and other members of the public, Control Risks works with you to mitigate these threats before they become violent. 

Workplace violence prevention program development

Industry standards, best practices and case law demonstrate the critical need to maintain a threat assessment program for violence prevention both in the US corporate setting and globally. Control Risks’ experts routinely help organizations to review and develop such programs based on leading practice and case experience. We can assist your organization in:

  • Conducting a gap analysis of your current workplace violence program and benchmarking against industry standards to create a “best in class” program
  • Actionable recommendations for program improvement, including specific areas for training your workforce, frontline managers and threat assessment team
  • Team and process design – formalize team objectives and roles and provide a global process for identifying, escalating and responding to issues of concern


Threat management team training

Threat management team training 

Control Risks provides best-in-class training sessions that are customized to meet the needs of the various parties involved in violence prevention within organizations. Some examples of these trainings are outlined below.

Human resources and security threat management training 
An advanced half-day program designed to meet the specific needs of team members managing individuals who exhibit behaviors of concern as well as those directly supervising the general workforce:

  • Strategies for proactively identifying and managing concerning situations in a manner designed to prevent escalation
  • Dynamic lectures and interactive case exercises drawn from Control Risks’ collective experience, all of which are customized for your organization’s work model
  • Interactive tabletop exercises designed to assess the knowledge and operational effectiveness of multi-disciplinary prevention and response teams 

Specialized crisis intervention training
De-escalation training designed for public-facing employees who must interact with hostile or aggrieved customers and other antagonistic members of the public:

  • Active listening techniques and exercises to help with conflict resolution
  • Crisis intervention techniques
  • Other strategies for de-escalating potentially volatile individuals and situations


Cyber threat intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence

Delivered through subscription service or individual projects, our cyber threat intelligence service provides:

  • Strategic threat intelligence – forward-looking intelligence that helps you understand global developments and trends in the cyber threat landscape. This informs your cyber security strategy and places cyber security threats in the context of the broader threat landscape.
  • Tactical threat intelligence – actionable intelligence analyzing the tactics, techniques and procedures of cyber threat actors targeting organizations across the world. 
  • Operational threat intelligence – understand and analyze the immediate threats to your organization detected from a range of open and closed sources.

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Behavioral Threat Assessment Workshops

Training organizations on managing violent incidents and malicious insiders in the workplace

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