Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019

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Barnaby Fletcher

Barnaby Fletcher

Africa Risk-Reward Index 2019: Reforms and Resistance

In the fourth Africa Risk-Reward Index, Control Risks and Oxford Economics analyse the impact of ambitious reform agendas in Angola, Ethiopia and South Africa. We also focus on relationships and rivalries in the East African Community, and the impact of geopolitical competition in a post-Bashir Sudan. The Africa Risk-Reward Index plots each country’s performance relative to its African peers, by comparing some of the continent’s largest and emerging markets, offering investors a comparative snapshot of market opportunities and risks across Africa.

Fig.1 Africa Risk-Reward Index

The position of each country is defined by its risk and reward score; the size of its bubble represents the size of the country’s GDP. Further details on the methodology for calculating each country’s scores are provided in detail in the annex.

Find out about:

  • which countries find themselves among the list of top performers on the Risk-Reward score
  • where investors should look when examining opportunities on the continent
  • whose political and economic developments led to a down-grading of their score
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