Enterprise Security Strategy

Shaping your organisation and strategies to meet the threat


Enterprise Security Strategy

Security Consulting and Planning - Individual, Facility and Location Threat Assessments
Organisation Design, Governance and Programme Development
Workplace & Insider Threat Management - National Risks Assessments
On-line Global Security Risk Monitoring & Analysis


Enterprise security strategy at Control Risks identifies threats and risks and combines these with our understanding of your business goals, operational context and sector peers to design purpose-built risk mitigation strategies and organisations. We help you transform your security programmes, and ensure effective execution and responsive improvements.


Risk and threat assessments

We have the expertise to conduct risk and threat assessments on an individual, facility or location and beyond - right up to a national risk assessment.

All our security consultants work in concert with our political risk experts, cyber security professionals and the full spectrum of our global expertise to ensure that your enterprise security strategy integrates all risks and threats.

There are demonstrable benefits from this approach: better security risk management, improved reputation and branding, increased employee productivity, better security metrics and increased effectiveness.

Security benchmarking

It is important not only that your security strategy is appropriate for your threats and risks, but also against your sector, industry or geographic peers. With our wide client base, market penetration and unparalleled security network, Control Risks is ideally placed to ensure that you are in a position to capitalise on lessons learned by and strategies employed within other organisations.

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Security Vulnerability Assessment on a pipeline play icon

Security Vulnerability Assessment on a pipeline

Securing oil pipelines is one of the greatest challenges companies can face. Doing it properly requires a sophisticated mix of strategic and practical measures.

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Terrorism in Western Europe

Terrorism in Western Europe: Should your organisation be worried?

How likely is terrorism going to impact you, your people, assets and stakeholders? And if it does, what is the potential impact?

Enterprise Risk Management when seeking new opportunities image expand icon

Enterprise Risk Management when seeking new opportunities

A Fortune 1000 company seeks to formalise and enhance its ERM programme so it can seek opportunities in potentially risky ventures in the future.

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