Enterprise Security Strategy

Shaping your organisation and strategies to meet the threat


Enterprise Security Strategy


Security Consulting and Planning - Individual, Facility and Location Threat Assessments
Organisation Design, Governance and Programme Development
Workplace & Insider Threat Management - National Risks Assessments
On-line Global Security Risk Monitoring & Analysis


Enterprise Security identifies your threats and risks and combines these with our understanding of your business goals, operational context, and sector peers to design purpose-built risk mitigation strategies and organisations.

We help you transform your security programmes and ensure effective execution and responsive improvements. Our Security Risk experts specialise in the review, design, implementation, and optimisation of enterprise security risk management programs and strategies.

We provide support and guidance to security, safety, legal, compliance and business teams across all sectors and geo-markets to underpin and enhance your security posture.


How Control Risks are ready to support you:

  • Maturity assessments help you to understand how your physical and cyber security programs measure against best practices and risk, and how to advance your capabilities to better meet your needs

  • Needs assessments focus on the future state of a security program and the specific resources and actions required to reach that goal

  • Strategy development assisting in the establishment and delivery of near to long-term plans and roadmaps to advance the security status of your software and hardware assets, networks, services, and information. This will also include the controls that you have put in place to protect your enterprise from cyber-attacks, how you manage your defences and your readiness to react and recover from security events

  • Design of Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) helping you to determine the physical layout of security operations centres, the technology and resources required to operationalise these key assets and mechanisms to effectively aggregate and analyse information and intelligence through our in-house data analytics

  • Developing policy by creating governing frameworks inclusive of standards, procedures and plans to help structure and instil security practices within your organisation and workforce

  • Organisational design determines the ideal structure, staffing, operating model, resources, and capabilities for a security program

  • Capability studies that allow you to target operational gaps in your physical, event, executive and other security functions

  • Training support to help develop your personnel curriculum and materials or deliver security training to help you prepare your teams and cultivate a mature security culture. 

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