Ethics and Compliance Consulting

Turning challenges into competitive advantage


Ethics and Compliance Consulting

Company, Country and Industry Risk Assessment - Corruption Risk Assessment and Analysis
Anti-Money Laundering Consultancy - Supply Chain and Labour Welfare Consulting
Training: Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering


Ethics and compliance is a boardroom issue, with regulatory enforcement strengthening worldwide in tandem with opportunities, sourcing and production.


Understanding and mitigating exposure

With corruption violations leading to large fines, long sentences for anti-trust breaches, media scandals and financial losses, Control Risks helps you to understand, manage and mitigate your exposure to these risks.

We bring:

  • Experience in all markets with local understanding of your operational and political environment
  • Sensitivity to the unique ethical considerations faced by multinational organisations
  • Direct experience with international enforcement regulators on compliance-related matters
  • Keen understanding of compliance best practices and government expectations for effective programmes
  • Forensic accounting, internal controls, technology, data analysis and investigative skillsets
  • Practical, tested and workable solutions to turn a challenge into a competitive advantage

Anti-money laundering

We help you understand, manage and mitigate your exposure to fraud and money-laundering risks through three main channels:

1.  Internal controls - Identification, testing and improvement of your existing controls from a compliance and business perspective.

2.  Processes and frameworks - Review of your existing policies and procedures to address compliance risk and employee awareness then an assessment of your resources to achieve an operational compliance programme. Rollout and training of employees on a global scale.

3.  Data analytics - Acquisition and analysis of high volumes of data to uncover potential fraud, corruption and other reputational risks faced by your organisation. Review data sources using in-house software and customised analytical procedures. Identify high risk activities through the execution of targeted programmatic computer scripts.

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Building Reflection

International Business Attitudes to Compliance

Companies across the world are not backing up their rhetoric on compliance with the appropriate level of resources and prioritisation

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The voice of compliance in the boardroom

The tools available to compliance professionals are better than ever, but what should they do to maximise their impact in the boardroom?

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Ensuring you have an effective compliance programme play icon

Ensuring you have an effective compliance programme

What are the most challenging areas facing the Chief Compliance Officer when creating and implementing a compliance programme?

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