Lisa Haferlach

Associate Consultant

  • Europe
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Investor Services

Lisa focuses on political, security and regulatory risk analysis, as well as business intelligence investigations in Turkey. She produces updates for Control Risks’ online subscription services, highlighting developments in the region’s security, political and economic environment. She also writes tailored reports for clients, focusing on specific queries and problems. Moreover, Lisa conducts business intelligence investigations, providing insights into the significant overlap between business and political interests in Turkey. 

Recent tasks that Lisa has worked on include:

  • Regular monitoring of security developments for a multinational resource extraction company with interests in Turkey’s southeast
  • A security threat assessment for an NGO operating in the south of Turkey, including an evaluation of sensitivities of the organisation’s work in light of the current political situation
  • A business intelligence investigation into investments by a Saudi group holding into the Turkish energy sector
  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Lisa worked as a policy analyst for the Hertie School of Governance. As a project manager for the Istanbul Policy Center, she worked for projects on EU-Turkey relations and the Middle East. Lisa has held several positions in project management for NGOs in Germany and Turkey and was the country assessor for Turkey for Transparency International’s Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index 2015. 

    Lisa holds a degree in cultural studies and social anthropology from Sabanci University in Istanbul and Cambridge University, UK. Aside from her native German and English, Lisa is fluent in Turkish and has a working knowledge of French.  

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