The Control Risks team joined 3,000+ global sport and entertainment executives in London to attend the 2023 Leaders Week Summit. Our team, led by Global Head of Sport and Major Events, Daniel Heal, explored key industry topics spanning the redefinition of sponsorship, sport and entertainment unification, the criticality of diversification to competitive advantage, trending globalisation, the threats and opportunities of datafication, and the advancement of fan influence. 

Our team collaborated with other industry game-changers leveraging AI solutions to enhance business performance and earn a seat at the forefront of a highly dynamic ecosystem. Seerist, Control Risks’ threat and risk monitoring solution, combines artificial intelligence with localised geopolitical risk expertise provided by local analysts. Automated capabilities allow threat and risk professionals to fluently sift through the noise of global chatter, forecast potential threats, and offer insights enabling rapid, reliable decision-making when it matters most.

Control Risks similarly heard from The Football Association’s CEO, Mark Bullingham, who offered a fresh take on the key ethical challenges disturbing global Football. Tribute was paid to the critical role of adequate central governance in growing the game on local grassroots and global scales. In such a volatile world, making informed decisions about who you associate with, ensuring compliance across a global operational footprint, and managing data and cyber security at every level is critical to the success of any organisation. Control Risks are trusted ethics, compliance and governance experts across sport and major events networks. Our in-depth knowledge of political, regulatory, and operational environments coupled with deep cyber security expertise and technological capabilities help organisations approach ethics, compliance, and governance challenges with confidence. 

Moreover, the prominence of industry globalisation was perhaps the dominant topic of conversation. Various speakers offered their interpretation of the new, highly-debated sport and entertainment frontier in the Middle East, with particular attention on Saudi Arabia. How is the Middle East investing in the global sports ecosystem and what type of legacy do they hope to achieve? How is Saudi Arabia attracting talent, forging new fan relationships, and ultimately building a robust, holistic football model? 

In a market plagued by consequence, Control Risks’ rigorous, real-world due diligence supports organizations in making informed investment and operational decisions. Our compliance, forensics, and intelligence teams ensure clients apply the appropriate level of scrutiny to prospective commercial relationships while developing methodologies that align with the demands of regulatory requirements and sound risk management practice. As such, whether supporting an event organizer, federation, rights holder, league, team, organizing committee, sponsor, investor, broadcaster, or any entity between, Control Risks ensures organizations succeed in a volatile world; when complex issues arise, we help you recover. 

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