Joe Beckford


  • Latin America
  • Seerist
  • Managing political risk
  • Security Consulting
  • ESG Risk and Impact Assessments
Mexico City Email

Joe is an Analyst for Control Risks’ Global Risk Analysis practice, based in Mexico City. As part of his role, Joe is responsible for providing political, operational, social and security risk analysis on the Caribbean. He produces regular updates for Control Risks’ online subscription services, as well as bespoke consultancy projects for clients with footprints in the Caribbean. 

 Recent tasks that Joe has worked on include:

  • Monitoring political and regulatory changes in Caribbean countries including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Conducting in-depth analysis about key issues of political instability, geopolitics, security and social unrest in the Caribbean region.
    Before joining Global Risk Analysis, Joe worked in Control Risks’ Cyber department in London, where he conducted threat intelligence assessments on cyber actors’ intent and capabilities. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and Spanish from the University of St Andrews. In addition to his native English, he speaks fluent Spanish and has a basic knowledge of French.

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