Allanna Rigby


  • Asia Pacific
  • EMEA
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Ethics and Compliance Consulting
  • Risk Assessments
  • Forensic Data Analytics
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring

Allanna Rigby is a Partner and the regional head for data analytics in EMEA and Asia Pacific. She has 12 years’ experience as a data scientist and fraud and compliance expert. Allanna specializes in the use of data to detect and prevent fraud and compliance risks, she also specializes in the augmentation of technology into risk management processes.

Allanna has worked with multiple large corporations across the software, pharmaceuticals, energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, financial services, and extractive industries to deliver data-driven risk mitigation programs.

Recent tasks that Allanna has worked on include:

  • Designing and building a global data analytics program for a software company, that is used to monitor third parties for FCPA violations, fraud and compliance breaches. 
  • Implementing fraud detection programs for multiple insurance companies across Asia, with monthly managed service reporting
  • Assisting with investigations, by analysis large data sets to identify root cause issues and focus investigative resources to high-risk issues. 
  • Providing Clients with open source and social media analysis to help manage risks such as counterfeit issues, product diversion, social media campaigns, bad threat actors and other risks 
  • Allanna provides data-driven, and technology augmented solutions to clients, across all our business lines. 

    She has eight years’ previous experience providing strategic intelligence and financial crime advice, as well as leading high-profile investigations for various investment and retail banks worldwide. Prior to joining Control Risks, Allanna was a senior manager at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). Prior to joining the CBA, Allanna worked as a regional intelligence analyst within Macquarie Bank in Sydney and for Deutsche Bank in London. She began her career working at Goldman Sachs as part of the UK Mergers and Acquisitions team in the Investment Banking division.

    Allanna holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from University College London and a certification in Intelligence. She is also a Certified Fraud Examiner.

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