This April has seen a surge in bilateral contacts between the US and China, from the Xi-Biden phone call to Janet Yellen and Antony Blinken’s visits to Beijing. Relations between the two countries seem to be entering a holding pattern, as we mentioned in the RiskMap 2024 Top Risks. 

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are competing to raise the stakes against the world's second largest economy as the election approaches. Are we seeing the advent of a durable stabilisation in bilateral relations for the rest of the year, or just a lull before the storm? 

Meanwhile, China is stepping up its diplomatic reach with other countries. How will China's growing role and influence on the international stage contribute to reshaping the world order?

Angela Mancini, Partner, talks with Andrew Gilholm, our Principal and Director of analysis for Greater China and North Asia, about the prospects of US-China relations during this election year, how the two candidates differ in their approach to policy around China, the key triggers for escalation to watch, and how companies should prepare for the changing global landscape. 

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