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Black swans, frankenfirms, and the next Covid-19

Black swans, frankenfirms, and the next Covid-19

Covid-19 was the low-probability, high-risk event that many companies and business leaders were not prepared to handle. Focused on daily navigation of the crisis, few business leaders have considered preparation for the next global crisis. Join Charles Hecker and a panel of Control Risks experts as they explore how agility in the face of unpredictable risk is key to building a resilient organization. This week's panel includes Matt Hinton, a New York based Partner and one of the leaders of our Crisis and Security Consultancy in the Americas, Claudine Fry, a London-based Director of our Global Risk Analysis division, and Allison Wood, an Associate Director in Global Risk Analysis who manages our political risk consultancy in the US. 

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Charles Hecker Charles Hecker
Claudine Fry
Matthew Hinton Matthew Hinton
Allison Wood Allison Wood

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