What are the risks in Aviation Security?

Airports, airlines, cargo operators, passengers, manufacturers, and suppliers are facing unprecedented challenges from geopolitical risks across the industry and its supply chain.

Risks include:

This challenging time also bears huge potential for growth. Growth can be driven by the ability to identify and manage emerging threats.


Our experience in aviation security

Control Risks has a broad range of experience in the aviation security sector. We support multiple clients across all continents and employ best practice across our aviation security consulting business. We follow international standards including those from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Our consultants are experienced in developing aviation security policies as part of a comprehensive Security Management System (SeMS); crew and security personnel briefing and training materials; ICAO compliant technical concepts and detailed design documentation and drawings; and standard operating procedures including access control, searching and screening, and incident response and management.

Control Risks has worked for:


Our offering includes:

  • Strategic consultancy to governments and ministries on aviation sustainability
  • SeMS development and implementation
  • Complete security design for major new airport developments
  • Blast assessments
  • Operational security reviews of airlines and airports
  • Overflight risk information and MANPAD assessments
  • Crew safety and security training and awareness during turnaround
  • Cyber security reviews and support


Our capabilities

With one of the largest teams of analysts in the industry, Control Risks enables informed decision-making. Whether you’re considering entering into new markets or establishing new routes of connectivity, we can provide insight into political and regulatory dynamics, operating environments and overflight risk specific to the aviation industry.

Contextual analysis of risks can help you understand the local context, and that can make or break an investment. The relevant, confidential insights we can provide into the parties involved in business transactions can fill knowledge gaps and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Example stakeholder map:


Our partners

Working closely with our alliance partners Hiscox, International SOS, MedAire, and Oxford Economics, we support you globally. Control Risks offer an unparalleled combination of analytical capability and on-the-ground capacity across the wide spectrum of business, security, cyber, political, operational, reputational, economic and medical risks.