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Product Recall

Product Recall Readiness - Product Recall Response - Product Recovery


Control Risks offers unmatched support and experience to clients managing a product recall. Our clients benefit from our 43-year history in crisis readiness response and recovery, combined with a unique global reach from 37 offices and experience in 178 countries. Together with the technical expertise of our global partner Cahill Consultants, Inc. we ensure clients are equipped with the crisis management, product safety and regulatory compliance tools required for a potential or active product recall incident.


Product recall readiness

We develop, evaluate and enhance our clients’ capability to effectively respond to a recall through:

  • Product risk assessments to review manufacturing processes, supplier relationships, and internal infrastructure for managing a product issue
  • Crisis management preparedness, recall procedures and communication plans
  • Review and development of protocols governing product traceability, product disposal planning and regulatory compliance
  • Review and development of product recall manuals and associated site-level policies and procedures
  • Product recall preparedness training, including malicious and accidental contamination response, product extortion response, product recall effectiveness checks and simulated incident workshops
  • Product recall effectiveness checks

Product recall response

In the immediate stages following a product recall incident, our primary objectives are to help our client preserve consumer health and safety while implementing recall processes that protect the integrity of its brand.

We offer a wide range of proven recall services including:

  • Issue identification, risk analysis and stakeholder mapping: assessing recall scope, identifying affected product(s), and investigating root causes through technology, forensic analysis and data collection
  • Assessment of company and supplier compliance with government regulations
  • Strategic crisis management advice, decision making support and formulation of response strategies
  • Facilitation, liaison and oversight of the full product recall response process including stakeholder management. This might include call centers, web registration, media communications, online investigation including open source and deep web analysis, liaison with government regulatory authorities and product destruction.
  • Litigation support

Product recall recovery

Once the recall has been conducted, our global team of subject-matter experts can advise on the necessary regulatory reporting, ongoing monitoring of product reintroduction, formulation of brand recovery, reputation management, policies and processes for return to point-of-sale and product replacement or cost reimbursement.

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