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Cross-border Discovery Consulting and Assistance - Early Case Assessment
Data Processing, Hosting and Production - Technology Assisted Review


At Control Risks you will find a unique team forged from global accounting, eDiscovery and specialty consulting firms. With unrivalled expertise in large scale, complex and cross-jurisdictional matters, we are adept at helping you establish defensible and repeatable processes to deal with high volumes of electronically-stored information.

Relativity is our main data hosting platform. We also offer proprietary tools built with early case assessment and investigations in mind.


Cross-border discovery consulting and assistance

We help you with the strategic planning, preparation and execution of cross-border investigations and litigations, whatever the size. Our dedicated and global project management team provides quick and open collaboration.

Data processing, hosting and production

Control Risks supports companies and their outside counsel with defensible data processing and information reduction techniques. Our data processing capabilities supports thousands of file types stored across local networks or in the cloud.

Using file type filtering, search term and date range filtering, predictive coding, email threading and custom solutions, we can reduce terabytes of data

To facilitate cross-border review we’ve implemented proprietary language detection and on-demand translation technology within the document review environment.

Early case assessment

Control Risks provides early case assessment (ECA) solutions by working closely with you to understand and manage data at the earliest stages. We leverage high-speed indexing and a variety of analytical features and reporting capabilities to provide powerful insights into your data.

Robust analytical tools and ECA capabilities enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of your electronically stored information (ESI) before undertaking full-scale reviews. We provide the option to conduct preliminary analysis with Nuix, which can provide domain lists, file types and timelines of the data collected, as well as the ability to run preliminary search terms and date ranges. By providing an advanced look into case facts, we improve your ability to make strategic decisions early in the review process.

Technology assisted review

We offer Relativity Analytics such as email threading, near-duplicate analysis, concept clustering and searching, as well as predictive coding or Relativity Assisted Review.

Relativity Administrators can help design automated workflows for predictive coding that include the appropriate quality assurance steps and detailed reporting.

Our team works with law firms to configure, train, execute and monitor the prioritisation and categorisation of documents, as well as assist with executing stratified and validation sampling on the data.


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Pandora’s Box


Pandora’s Box

The latest and largest in a series of confidential financial information leaks, the Pandora Papers contain 11.9m documents. Our experts give advice on what you can do next, and the likely outcomes of the data reveal.
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Alecia Futerman and Jonathan Brown speak with Nick Ilife of Stats Perform about the increasing prevalence of match fixing in sport and how Stats Perform uses data analytics and AI to monitor millions of sporting events globally in real time each year.
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Join Control Risks' Jonathan Brown for a conversation with Thomas Sandgaard -- CEO and founder of medical device company, Zynex Inc -- who acquired Charlton Athletic in September 2020. They chat about the challenges Thomas faced during the club takeover, as well as the importance of ethics in club ownership and business more generally. 
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In Focus

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Join Control Risks experts Maria Knapp, Emily Morgan and Clare Morton for a discussion about how ESG factors impact on supply chain and third party risk management programmes. What are the drivers that will define what ‘good’ looks like? What are companies already doing? And what are some of the practical considerations for integrating ESG into your third party risk diligence programme?