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Control Risks provides specialist insight and tools to address the diverse risks organisations face around the world. This enables them to maximise opportunities, protect against threats and make informed business decisions based on objective and insightful analysis.

Our solutions range from digital learning and crisis resilience tools through to an advanced risk visualisation platform that is underpinned by in-depth research and analysis, quantitative incident data and medium- to long-term forecasts. 

We take a holistic approach to assessing risk. Our coverage extends across terrorism, kidnap and cybercrime through to political unrest and regulatory risks.  


Control Risks CORE is the essential risk monitoring toolkit that allows you to evaluate opportunities and threats around the world.

CORE provides incisive analysis and forecasting on geopolitical and security issues, a series of country risk ratings and an extensive database of incidents. Coupled with visualisation and analytics tools, these help you make informed business decisions and plan operations in confidence.

▼ insights on global risk and opportunity delivered in a single platform ▼

Our E-Learning resources provide comprehensive and detailed training options covering a range of security and travel risk. Designed to be scalable, flexible and relevant they allow your employees to supplement their training when and where they wish, helping you fulfil your duty of care.


Crisis resilience

Crisis Resilience Online is a secure and flexible online tool that enables you to build, maintain and activate your organisation’s crisis management plans. It helps you to respond quickly and effectively to any incident which threatens your organisation’s people, assets or reputation.

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The essential risk monitoring toolkit that allows you to evaluate opportunities and threats from around the world


Anticipate the trajectory and impact of political and policy developments


Identify economic and political risks, as well as opportunities

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