RiskMap Podcast: Qatar Crisis; China's Cyber Law; The Violent Insider Threat

July 2017

The RiskMap podcast - A conversation on geopolitics, security, and the pressing risks facing global business.

In this edition:

  • Allison Wood, a Consultant in Control Risks' Dubai office, discusses the diplomatic and economic quarantine of Qatar by its GCC neighbors, the impact of the crisis on companies with operations there, and the future of Gulf relations. [Minute 1:30]
  • China recently introduced a new law effectively nationalizing data security, and few organizations are adequately prepared. Carly Ramsey, an Associate Director based in Shanghai, helps us understand the political and technical requirements now facing companies. [Minute 9:10]
  • Shawn VanSlyke, a Director for Control Risks and the former chief of the FBI's elite Behavioral Analysis Unit and the Crisis Negotiation Unit, explains what organizations should do to assess and mitigate the threat of violent insiders in the workplace, from the personally aggrieved to the ideologically motivated. [Minute 13:45]

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