Your essential risk monitoring platform

CORE platform

Your essential risk monitoring platform

In-depth country profiles and risk ratings

Evaluate and compare more than 200 countries and territories across a range of ratings that can be filtered, visualised, tracked over time and downloaded.

Daily global threat coverage and actionable analysis

Gain insight into the implications of key events and emerging trends through daily analysis of security, operational and political risks.

Powerful mapping tool to view and filter security incidents

Understand the local threat environment for your operations by visualising your assets alongside incident data and risk rating overlays on our dynamic mapping interface. 

Alerts based on location, topic and sector

Stay informed by selecting what information you want to receive and when, with the email alert builder. 

10-year security incident database

Download and examine 1–10 years of historical incident data (civil unrest, crime, terrorism and war), or switch to heat maps for an overview of trends in an area.

Specialist coverage areas

Supplement the CORE subscription with additional content sets covering cyber, economic, political and maritime.

Generate tactical assessments and support strategic decision making 

At the click of a button, create reports that include a summary of incidents by category, perpetrator and sectors affected, as well as a detailed view of individual incidents.

CORE Success Stories

"With CORE, we have quick access to local insight for anywhere in the world. It really is a powerful business asset." - Daewoo E & C

Global security incidents in hand

The source for risk and security data

CORE+ specialist modules and services provide additional coverage of key focus areas.







CORE success story