Poor data quality has long hindered the progress of compliance teams, preventing them from embracing a data-driven approach. But regulators can now use their own data-analytics capabilities in corporate matters and expect companies to implement robust data analytics to manage a host of risks, from bribery and corruption to ESG risk, procurement, financial crimes and internal fraud. For compliance functions still struggling with data, time is running out.


Embrace proactive, data-led compliance

Control Risks understands the challenges faced by organisations striving for compliance excellence. Our proactive compliance monitoring service helps your team to embrace a data-led, proactive approach and embrace a future where compliance breaches are identified and addressed early.

Our top-tier team of experts, including data scientists, analytics professionals and compliance and fraud specialists, partner closely with you to tailor risk models, capture and predict potential breaches, and provide proactive insights. With advanced technologies and cutting-edge analytics, we enable continuous monitoring, early detection of anomalies and swift breach resolution, ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding of your reputation.


Harmonise your data strategy with your compliance goals   

We work with you to ensure that improvements to your data directly contribute to stronger monitoring capabilities.   

Our dedicated team will work with you to: 
  • Identify trends and understand your current risks.
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your data set.
  • Reveal insights into the untapped monitoring opportunities within your current dataset
  • Develop a comprehensive data maturity programme and roadmap that strategically aligns data improvements with expanding monitoring scope.
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