Yadaira Orsini

Associate Director

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  • Due Diligence
  • ESG Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Stakeholder mapping
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Yadaira is an Associate Director for our ESG practice, focusing on social risks and human rights issues. She has 17 years’ professional experience in the private, consultancy and NGO sectors working on issues including human rights, social performance, and conflict management. Yadaira specializes in supporting clients and their business partners design and implement human rights due diligence processes, including policy design, conducting human rights risk assessments, and monitoring the implementation of mitigation controls. 

Recent tasks that Yadaira has worked on include:

  • The design and roadmap for an ESG third party due diligence programme for an oil company
  • Conducting a human rights impact assessment for a company in the hospitality sector
  • Designing a human rights framework for a technology conglomerate including their aerospace, energy, and real estate businesses.
  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Yadaira worked as Human Rights Principal Consultant for ERM, led the private sector engagement team at peacebuilding-NGO international Alert, and coordinated the Social Responsibility and Human Rights Programme at Occidental Petroleum in Colombia. Yadaira has a bachelor’s degree (distinction) in Political Science and International Relations from the Pontifical Xaverian University in Colombia and a master’s degree (distinction) in Security and Development Studies from the Superior School of War in Colombia. Yadaira speaks Spanish (native), French, and Portuguese.


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