Tobias Wellner

Senior Analyst

  • Global
  • Risk Assessments
  • Trade and Sanctions Compliance

Tobias is a senior analyst in the Global Issues team, responsible for providing analysis on international business issues, including geopolitics, sanctions, conflict risk, as well as space and energy security. He contributes to our online subscription services as well as bespoke client consultancy projects. 

Recent tasks that Tobias has worked on include:

  • A bespoke, reoccurring analysis solution for an international investment company, to help them better understand upcoming geopolitical, operational and security risks that could impact its commercial interests.
  • A global sanctions risk monitor assessing existing sanctions as well as the risk for future restrictive measures against countries and industries.
  • A bespoke conflict and war scenario report for a large insurance company.
  • A bespoke analytical report on global political violence events in 2022 that helped an internationally leading insurance company market their services.
  • A media article outlining the geopolitical impacts of the G7 oil price cap for a commodity trading subscription outlet.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Tobias was the lead analyst for Sub Sahara Africa at Dragonfly Intelligence and worked as a lead analyst at Horus Security Consultancy. He also brings experience from five years working in the humanitarian aid and development industry, where his focus was on peacebuilding, conflict analysis and unarmed protection approaches.

Tobias has lived in the US, the UK, Germany, the Palestinian Territories, Argentina, South Sudan and travelled extensively in Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi. He speaks English, German, Spanish and has basic skills in Portuguese. He holds a BA in International Politics from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and an MA in Conflict, Security and Development Studies from King’s College London.


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