Harriet Mahier


  • EMEA
  • Cyber and Digital
  • Due Diligence
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment

Harriet specialises in strategic cyber threat intelligence, with responsibility for collecting, analysing and disseminating intelligence from a range of sources on the cyber threat landscape. Harriet also has experience has conducting tactical deep web and dark web threat research and has skills in open-source intelligence. Harriet is accredited as a Crest Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst (CRTIA). 

Recent tasks that Harriet has worked on include:

  • Leading on a strategic threat assessment for a major satellite communications organisation, outlining the key cyber threats from a range of threat actors, and generating likely attack scenarios to inform Control Risks’ cyber security controls assessment
  • Co-ordinating a market entry assessment for a large US-based energy organisation, assessing the cyber and electronic warfare threats to infrastructure development in a European country in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict;
  • A strategic cyber threat assessment for a US-based private equity organisation, assessing the threats from nation-states, cybercriminals and cyber activists to the organisation’s global operations and assessing likely attack scenarios
  • A due diligence assessment for a US-based private equity organisation ahead of the acquisition of a multi-million-dollar IT and software organisation, including a strategic threat assessment and a tactical risk exposure assessment
  • Assessing country-specific threats for organisations looking to begin operations in new jurisdictions, including the threats from state-linked, cybercriminal and cyber activist actors
  • Before joining Control Risks, Harriet was an intelligence analyst at a UK-based security organisation, where she conducted open-source intelligence research to identify and assess ongoing security incidents, and provided reports to a variety of private and public sector clients. Harriet has a Masters in Applied Security and Strategy from the University of Exeter. 

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