David Lloyd

Senior Risk Consultant

  • Global Risk and Operations Centre
  • Security Risk Management
  • Operational and Protective Services
  • Crisis Response
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David Lloyd is a Senior Risk Consultant in Control Risks ONE, Global Risk and Operations Centre (EMEA). David Lloyd has significant security experience in high-risk and corporate environments. He has supported multinational clients and their projects in the anti-piracy, diplomatic, oil & gas, and logistics fields. David is a member of the Security Institute.

Before joining Control Risks, David served 17 years in the British Army as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, conducting daily dynamic threat evaluation, security surveys, risk assessments and management of risk mitigation measures whilst deployed on operations in Europe, Iraq and the Balkans. David has significant experience in humanitarian, peacekeeping and training/mentoring roles, including liaison with international NGOs, police and armed forces, security services and other security stakeholders.  

David holds a Level 5 in Security Risk Management, he also holds certification in Terrorism studies, as well as Ship Security Officer and Company Security Officer maritime qualifications.

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