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Security Managers and Consultants Course


The Security Managers and Consultants course (SMCC) prepares candidates for work in a wide range of corporate and commercial security functions in potentially challenging and hostile environments. Candidates completing the course will have a recognised formal qualification and be familiar with security industry best practices, procedures and knowledge to allow them to work in different sectors.

Attendees successfully completing the courses and all assessments will be awarded a BTEC Level 4 Professional Certificate in Security Management and a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Security Consultancy, along with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safety Certificate. As the course has been developed by Control Risks, the qualification is positively recognised by employers in the industry and gives participants a head start in their careers in security consultancy.

Course details

The course is split into two separate modules, and can be attended concurrently.

The full 20-day course covers the full spectrum of skills and knowledge required of a security manager and consultant, equipping participants with the expertise to manage any challenge they may face. It is one of the most comprehensive and highly respected courses in the security sector and places particular focus on the importance and value that security brings to the commercial environment. In addition to the experienced instructors, many of Control Risks’ staff and consultants give a number of presentations and share case studies, which provides participants with excellent networking opportunities.


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