Spanish-language virtual workshops for kidnap incident management

Our virtual workshop will show you how to develop and maintain an effective and well-informed approach to managing kidnap-for-ransom cases. We provide an in-depth understanding of the decision-making requirements that must be made during a kidnap incident. Workshops are delivered by our expert instructors who have ample experience in kidnap management in the region, and feature theory-based learning, group discussion, challenges and role plays.

Our training package includes

Our workshops offer eight sessions of 45 minutes each, delivered within a nine-hour day. All workshops include time for interactive debate and questions. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion from Control Risks.

  • An overview of global kidnap-for-ransom threats and trends, focusing on areas of operation
  • An understanding of the issues that attendees are likely to face in dealing with a kidnapEstablishing a crisis management organisation
  • The decision-making structure required to manage a kidnap incident
  • Realistic role-playing exercises to enhance learning 
  • A focus on the key policy issues and particular challenges of family liaison, media management and dealing with authorities

Who should attend?

Our workshops are designed for any person responsible for managing a kidnap risk.



Price per person for open enrolment is USD 2,500 (excluding VAT) with a maximum attendance of 8 people. Please contact Control Risks Training Solutions for more information

[email protected]


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