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Incident Response - Information Security Investigations
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Control Risks is unique in its ability to combine 40 years of critical response heritage with cutting edge technical know-how to set direction for business managers dealing with cyber crises. Our global reach provides you with the guidance when and where you need it.


Incident response

An information security incident can have a catastrophic effect on your business. Handling it requires coordinated action across the organisation. We respond immediately to help you manage the incident, then help implement each component from the time of the cyber attack through to resolution.

How you respond can mean the difference between an isolated incident and an enduring crisis. We have a proven four point strategy:

1.  Triage: first responders will triage the incident allowing us to hand pick the most effective investigation team to establish an appropriate response and generate a practical mitigation strategy.

2.  Collect and preserve: we apply forensically sound methods to preserve key digital evidence that establish a clear picture of the incident and create the conditions for an effective response.

3.  Manage a cyber crisis: Control Risks applies its leadership in both cyber and crisis management to bridge the gap between the IT and corporate crisis management teams, minimising the harmful impact on your assets.

4.  Restore operational capacity: we empower you to exceed your duty of care and regulatory obligations by moving you forward to build organisations that operate securely, are truly compliant and have the resilience to manage the challenges of a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Complex information security investigations

Together with our technical partners, we identify the root cause of an incident and whether you were the target of malicious action. We preserve key forensic evidence, establish the scope of the impact, identify indicators of compromise and restore secure operations.

Our extensive team of local subject matter brings unique capabilities in resolving critical issues. We use a 360-degree response framework that pulls together their expertise in investigations, crisis management, network and host forensics, data analytics and legal compliance support.

Remediation planning and execution

Control Risks cyber security experts help you develop strong strategies that help to reduce the susceptibility to cyber attacks and mitigate unique cyber risks. Following a crisis, our experts can establish effective remediation plans to resolve issues that occur during an incident or crisis, strategically positioning you for greater awareness and long-term tactical resilience based on cost effective remediation planning and execution.


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