Secure Journey

Prepared, secure and responsive transportation professionals

We make journeys in challenging, complex, or unfamiliar locations safer. Support your duty of care obligations by providing secure transportation that prepares, safeguards and reacts, should the need arise. 

When your team is on the move, we make travelling safely efficient and simple. By pre-booking Control Risks vehicles when your people are visiting unfamiliar countries, you can be confident they’re in safe hands. With Secure Journey you’ll save time managing travel, streamline your expense reporting, and enjoy piece of mind that your team are safe to focus on what matters most. 

Professional drivers, journey co-ordinators and 24/7 support in every location

No matter how big your team, they will enjoy a reliable and comfortable travel experience with our discreet, unobtrusive and expert drivers, who are trained to take proportionate security precautions, no matter how challenging the location may be. 

We always apply strict ethical, legal and regulatory standards, and enforce hygiene and health protocols for all drivers and vehicles. 

Our team of drivers is backed by dedicated Control Risks journey coordinators and a 24/7 security operations centre, helping to detect and respond to any threats worldwide.

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No matter how straightforward or complicated the journey you need to arrange, we’ll ensure that your people are safer, better protected, and more productive. Entrust their safety to our experienced, professional drivers who have been carefully vetted and trained, using top-quality, well-maintained vehicles.

With offices in every region and time zone, we are positioned to help you wherever and whenever you need us. We don’t just know the world - we live and work in every part of it.