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Threats originating online and in cyberspace, pose an increasing risk to organisations, their people, assets and reputation. But how do you know what these threats are? And how can you anticipate, detect, assess and respond to them? For more information, please visit our Resource Hub.

We integrate traditional intelligence tradecraft with dedicated cyber expertise, chatter analysis and horizon scanning to help you contextualise and reduce exposure to current and future cyber and online security threats. Whatever form threats take, we guide your response so that you can confidently maximise the benefits of global digitalisation while reducing the exposure of your people, assets and reputation. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our CTI team collects intelligence from a range of proprietary, open, closed and technical sources to produce threat intelligence ranging from strategic forward-looking threat assessment to tactical and operational analysis concerning specific client incidents. Our experts fuse cyber threat analysis with geopolitical, economic and social context to deliver unique and actionable insights into the global threat and risk landscapes and help you make informed decisions about your organisation’s security. 

  • Seerist Core intelligence
  • Forward-looking, strategic threat assessments
  • Targeting analysis and testing scenarios
  • Technical investigations

Online Threat Intelligence

Control Risks’ OTI team offers an integrated threat intelligence, behavioural analysis and security capability to support organisations facing increasing volumes of online and real-world security threats.

Our dedicated team collects and analyses chatter from open sources, 20+ social media platforms and 700+ deep and dark web forums every day. This online intelligence is then assessed by our specialised threat intelligence analysts to assess security risks and threats from actors online and in the real world.

  • Online threat monitoring
  • Person of interest (POI) analysis
  • Event online intelligence support
  • Platform discovery

How we can help you

  • Over four decades of managing acute crises and high-intensity events for our clients. More than 50,000 cyber and online threat assessments carried out by our teams.
  • Our teams are truly global, with regional experts and data centres in numerous jurisdictions.
  • We have helped over 6,500 clients in nearly 180 countries understand their threat landscape and implement proportionate cyber security measures.

From bespoke assessments to targeting analysis and testing scenarios, learn more about how we identify and assess cyber threats as well as our other services by visiting our Resource Hub.

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