Cyber Response

Navigating cyber attacks

Control Risks’ Cyber Response team brings together our leading crisis management experience and cutting-edge digital forensics investigators to help your organisation navigate the critical issues that arise from cyber attacks.

    Our team is available 24/7 to help your organisations respond to complex cyber incidents.

  • Cyber crisis management: Our experts are on hand via our cyber response hotline to react rapidly to your organisation’s needs in the event of a cyber attack. We can help you identify the scope and severity of the incident, guiding you through each step and helping structure your response across technical and non-technical workstreams.
  • Extortion advice: Control Risks is a global leader in responding to both digital and physical extortive attacks. We leverage our vast experience and knowledge of adversaries to support our clients’ strategic decision-making during digital extortions of all kinds.
  • Digital forensics: Working with our Digital Forensics team, we analyse individual endpoints and whole networks to understand the extent of a cyber incident, the wider impact on your organisation and the most efficient and effective methods of recovery.
  • Intelligence support: With our Cyber Threat Intelligence team, we can help you understand who may be behind a cyber incident targeting your organisation. Our experts can also monitor deep and dark web venues for any information that may help you respond to and recover from the incident.
  • Data analytics: Our data analytics expertise can help you find answers to the key questions that arise during a major cyber security incident, deploying specialist legal technologies to aggregate, index and analyse vast quantities of data. This can be crucial when considering data breach notification obligations to clients and regulators.

How we can help you prepare

Developing and exercising a comprehensive set of plans is critical to responding effectively to cyber incidents. Cyber threat actors are constantly evolving and adapting their tactics, techniques and procedures, meaning organisations globally must continuously update their response strategies, as well as their defences.

    Control Risks offers a range of services to help your organisation stay one step ahead of the fast-moving cyber threat landscape:

  • Crisis management training
  • Creating and enhancing crisis and incident management plans
  • Threat and response briefings for incident response teams and/or senior leadership
  • Cyber and ransomware risk assessments

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