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Security Training

Security Management Training - Kidnap, Extortion and Complex Incident Training
Close Protection and Defensive Driver Training - Hostile Environment Training
Workplace Threat Management Team Training
Security Awareness and Active Shooter Training - Travel Risk Awareness Training


Security training for managers, individuals and operatives is a pillar of your organisational security and duty of care requirement. Whether you are making vital decisions for your team or yourself, training ensures your strategies, programmes and mitigation measures hang together when needed.


Globally accessible expertise

From equipping your organisation to manage a kidnap, extortion or other complex incident, through to giving individuals a greater awareness of travel risks, our expert trainers are a vital component of your security strategy.

Depending on the course, our training can be online or in person, at one of our specialist training sites or wherever you require it.

Security manager and operative training

The Security Managers and Consultants course (SMCC) prepares you for work in a wide range of corporate and commercial security functions in potentially challenging and hostile environments. Candidates completing the course will have a recognised formal qualification and be familiar with security industry best practices, procedures and knowledge. More

Kidnap, extortion and complex incident training

Our workshops provide an in-depth understanding of the complex and often delicate issues involved in kidnaps and other complex incidents. The workshops draw on first-hand knowledge gained from over 40 years of resolving acute incidents and providing advice, analysis and guidance. Trainers at our workshops have all worked extensively within crisis response and have hands-on experience managing kidnap and piracy incidents worldwide. More

Close protection and defensive driver training

Our courses equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required by the Security Industry Association. Control Risks’ driver training course teaches the skills necessary to protect passengers and enables the driver to carry out recognised security procedures, identify hazards and take appropriate action in the event of an incident. Contact us

Hostile environment training

We provide fully tailored courses to help you prepare for and mitigate the risks and challenges of operating in complex or hostile environments. Using realistic and challenging scenarios, we demonstrate practical responses to a variety of situations to increase your confidence and readiness. Our courses are tailored for particular countries and regions through our unrivalled on-the-ground presence and local knowledge. More

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Calendar of training events

Calendar of training events

Control Risks conducts a broad range of security related training around the world. Find your nearest and next course

Training for kidnap, extortion and threat response

Training for kidnap, extortion and threat response

We run training workshops designed to provide an understanding of the issues associated with resolving kidnap or extortion cases

Control Risks training accreditation

Control Risks training accreditation

The high quality of our training is tested and approved by all relevant official institutions

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Our thinking


GDPR and cyber crisis response: what to expect

Now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect, incident and crisis managers will need to adapt to the changes that the regulation will bring to the process of responding. We have identified a few key changes that we can expect as the regulation comes into force.


Changing patterns in terrorism

The grip of the so-called Islamic State (IS) may have loosened in its Middle Eastern heartland, but the global threat posed by Islamist terrorism has grown and spread. Control Risks’ incident tracking shows the majority of Islamist attacks still...


Investment projects in challenging markets

Entering a new market or adopting a new project is often challenging. It is not simply a question of being able to complete the project or not, but one of delivering genuine growth for the business and mitigating against any potential risks you might encounter.


Virtual kidnapping in the United States

Virtual kidnapping is a crime which is traditionally or even principally associated with Latin America. But it is also very common in the US. However, despite how common it is and how much local coverage incidents get, most people still don’t know about virtual kidnapping, and so it continues to thrive.