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Security Training: Education, Awareness and Development

High-Risk Environment Course (HREC) - Risk and Resilience Managers Course (RRMC)
Defensive Driver Training – Security Guard Force Training
Contractors Deployed on Operations (CONDO) – Personal Security Training
Consultative and Modular Training – Kidnap, Extortion and Complex Incident Training


Political uncertainty, regional instability, and ever changing and evolving security environments mean businesses from all industry sectors, governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, and private individuals are facing unprecedented challenges. But this challenging time also bears huge potential for growth and opportunity driven by the ability to identify emerging threats, understanding of the risks and how to mitigate them, and ensure this is understood and efficiently communicated and implemented across the organisation. 

Established in 1975, Control Risks is recognised as one of the global market leaders in security training, with a proven track record in delivering high-quality training for clients around the world. This is reflected by our global presence with 37 established offices worldwide, and over 1,500 personnel deployed in high-risk and complex environments. This experience and network inform our training programmes and ensures their continued relevance to participants.

We deliver accredited and bespoke training packages from our UK Training Centre, regularly deliver training from our international training locations in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions, and can conduct training directly at our client’s facilities and project locations.

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  • High-Risk Environment Course (HREC)

    The standard three-day HREC provides the necessary knowledge and skills to enable attendees to prepare for and deal with conflict situations, emergencies and traumatic events wherever in the world they are required to travel, work or live. The training package combines classroom-based and practical training, covering a range of scenarios and key focus areas including personnel security, conflict management and avoidance, hostile surveillance awareness, journey management, reaction to an incident, basic and trauma medical training, and kidnapping response. Contact us

    Risk and Resilience Managers Course (RRMC)

    Control Risks has developed the BTEC accredited Level 5 RRMC for those seeking to work in the security risk management industry, wishing to develop their skills and understanding, or those responsible for managing and implementing security across an organisation in a corporate environment or higher-risk complex project locations. The twelve-day course combines classroom-based knowledge transfer sessions and practical training. Contact us

    Defensive Driver Training

    Control Risks’ two-day defensive driver training course introduces attendees to the threats and risks faced when driving in high-risk environments, road craft, journey planning considerations, vehicle preparation and maintenance, and evasive manoeuvring. The course combines classroom-based knowledge transfer sessions and practical driver training. Contact us

    Security Guard Force Training

    Our three-day security guard force training package focuses on the key operational roles and responsibilities of the security guard force and how they should report, manage and monitor security related incidents and events whilst on duty. The course includes presentations, interactive group discussions and practical exercises. Contact us

    Contractors Deployed on Operations (CONDO)

    Two-day initial and one-day refresher CONDO courses will build awareness of personal risk mitigation and establish practical emergency responses to low-level or large-scale incidents, and an understanding of the requirements of living and operating within a military organisation. These courses are designed to meet the obligations laid out within the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Defence Contract Condition (DEFCON) 697 and Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) 05-129. Contact us

    Personal Security Training

    Control Risks’ one-day personal security training designed for staff, employees or dependants that may be visiting, working or living in low to medium risk environments. The session includes presentations focusing on key personal security considerations for employees and staff and interactive group discussions and exercises where all participants will have the opportunity to conduct security management planning within a realistic training scenario.

    Control Risks also delivers security training specifically for Women travellers delivered by female Control Risks Consultants, covering the issues, concerns and the difficulties they may face compared with their male counterparts. Contact us

    Consultative and modular training

    Control Risks’ consultative and modular training offering consists of 14 modules, including Social Risk and Human Rights, Security management and governance, Terrorism, Behaviour analysis. Each module is delivered over a single day, individually or combined to create a truly bespoke and holistic training package suitable for every level of the organisation.

    Each package will introduce the attendee to the subject matter, the international standards and best practices applicable to the subject area, and the roles, responsibilities and activities required to ensure each area is managed effectively and efficiently within the organisation. The training can be delivered at our Training Centre or directly at our client’s facilities and project locations. Contact us

    Kidnap, Extortion and Complex Incident Training

    The incident training workshops provide an in-depth understanding of the complex and often delicate issues involved in kidnaps and other serious incidents. The workshops draw on first-hand knowledge gained from over 40 years of resolving acute incidents and providing advice, analysis and guidance. Trainers at our workshops have all worked extensively within crisis response and have hands-on experience of managing kidnap and piracy incidents worldwide. Contact us

    Active Assailant Training

    Control Risks’ active assailant training program has been developed by our expert team of workplace violence prevention and response professionals. The training and awareness programs can be tailored to our clients’ situations, on-site mitigation capabilities and local contexts. Find out more.

    Control Risks’ e-learning

    Our e-learning packages allow staff who are unable to attend more comprehensive practical training to access our expertise in threat and risk analysis, training, and response and crisis management departments. Each package features knowledge checks, a toolkit section with downloadable tools, checklists, links to additional information, and a certificate upon completion. They can also be augmented and integrated into existing duty or care and training programmes. Contact us

    E-learning courses available:

    Advanced Security Training (AST) E-learning

    This course covers more advanced security issues potentially affecting our client’s. The topics include surveillance awareness, journey planning and management, reaction to an incident, introduction to kidnap, and kidnap survival. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of these risks and how to mitigate them.

    Active Shooter (AS) E-learning

    The Active Shooter (AS) training course focuses on developing situational awareness skills, provides guidance on how to identify potential attackers, and explains how to react in the event of a violent attack such as active shooter incidents and attacks involving multiple assailants.

    Social Risk and Human Rights E-learning

    The Social Risk and Human Rights course introduces international human rights and the obligations of States and companies to enforce and protect them. Additionally, the course introduces the principles and methodology of conducting a human rights assessment and ensuring human rights compliance.


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Workplace threat management

Active Assailant Response and Training

Developed by our expert team of workplace violence prevention and response professionals, our training and awareness programs can be tailored to our clients’ situations, on-site mitigation capabilities and local contexts.

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