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Cyber Security

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Threat, Risk & Maturity Assessments - Executive Advisory
Cyber Security Training - Cyber Incident Response


Using our global reach and local risk expertise we have a unique approach to identifying and mitigating information security risks. Control Risks has pioneered the intelligence- and threat-led approach to cyber and data security to help you keep your organisation secure, compliant and resilient.


Predict, protect, respond

Strategic insights enable long-term information security planning by identifying your unique cyber security risks.

We help organisations develop and implement effective information security programmes by focussing on the specific threat to key assets and unique vulnerabilities.

In the event of an incident we respond immediately to help manage and co-ordinate key components from the time of the cyber attack through to resolution.

Cyber threat intelligence

Delivered through subscription service or bespoke projects, our cyber threat intelligence service provides:

  • Strategic threat intelligence – forward looking intelligence that helps you understand global developments and trends in the cyber threat landscape. This informs your cyber security strategy and places cyber security threats in the context of the broader threat landscape.
  • Tactical threat intelligence – actionable intelligence analysing the tactics, techniques and procedures of cyber threat actors targeting organisations across the world. 
  • Operational threat intelligence – understand and analyse the immediate threats to your organisation detected from a range of open and closed sources. 

Threat, risk and maturity assessments

We evaluate your current preparedness and improve security in an intelligent, cost-effective and comprehensive way across the organisation. This is done through a process of threat assessment, asset evaluation and gap analysis.

Executive advisory

We develop cyber security strategies that remediate your organisation’s specific risks through implementing policies, developing internal controls and integrating cyber security across the enterprise.

Cyber security training

Control Risks provides a range of crisis training options to exercise and enhance the ability at all levels in your organisation to handle a cyber crisis, from the board room down. Uniquely, each Control Risks exercise facilitation team pairs a seasoned crisis management expert with one of our cyber experts.

Cyber incident response

Our global reach provides the guidance you need in the event of a crisis, starting with the deployment of first responders within 24 hours of detection.

From triage we pick the right team, preserve key evidence to ensure effective response, leverage our unique blend of crisis and cyber management minimising the potential harmful impact on our clients’ assets with a view to restoring operational capacity.

Our E-Learning resources provide comprehensive and detailed training options covering a range of security and travel risk. Designed to be scalable, flexible and relevant they allow your employees to supplement their training when and where they wish, helping you fulfil your duty of care.

Cyber and information security training E-Learning

Business travellers today often carry several portable devices to keep connected while away. These devices pose an attractive target to criminals for the confidential information they contain. As cyber and information security threats become more sophisticated, the risks to this information is further heightened. In support of this, Control Risks is offering a new eLearning course which aims to raise an individual’s understanding of these types of potential attacks and how to protect against them thereby keeping their own and company information and devices safe and secure. Contact us


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