Creating a Secure Organisation

Intelligent security that won’t stifle your competitive spirit


Creating a Secure Organisation 



The Control Risks approach to enterprise and operational security is based on the specific threats to your organisation – avoiding a one-size fits all approach which can over-burden companies or prioritise the wrong risks. We identify your specific risks to provide targeted security that won’t stifle your competitive spirit.


Corporate security in a strategic framework

Integrated corporate security that sets a clear strategic framework is at the heart of our approach. We help to allocate your resources where they are most needed and avoid security becoming a series of technical silos.

A secure organisation is one that has identified what matters most and created true security synergy. We regard the safety of all your assets - your people and their physical and technological environment as interwoven. They sit in a context of reputational jeopardy and ever-growing regulatory requirements and this shapes our approach to your security.

Threat led

Our threat-led, integrated approach to organisational security has been developed over decades, and is founded on our guiding principle that risk-taking is essential for success. Too much security can burden your organisation, too little leaves your operations exposed and your board potentially liable. Control Risks combines experience and expertise with technological prowess giving your people the confidence they need to focus on growth.

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