Applying Technology Solutions

Mastering information, extracting value from data


Applying Technology Solutions


Control Risks operates at the nexus of risk and opportunity. The rise of data as an asset and a liability puts it in the same place: both problem and a solution at the same time. Nearly every assignment we undertake requires the same analysis : “Is there a data problem here, is there a technology solution?”


Investigations and technology

It is rare that an investigation of any kind does not benefit from the appropriate application of technology. Control Risks has a truly global technology capability that offers end-to-end solutions in support of investigative activity.

Whether it is a corruption, fraud or regulatory investigation, or a cyber breach, with technical expertise in proprietary and customised solutions, resources in 36 countries and nine international data centres, we can handle the most challenging assignments in a seamless, cross-border fashion.

The disruptive force

How do you assess the true value of your data, turn it into information, utilise and protect it? Control Risks Technology Solutions provide an expert approach to identifying critical data, and generating relevant and actionable insights.

Technology is a disruptive force, but leveraging technology solutions for growth enables your business to channel the disruption positively and tilt your data firmly on the side of asset, not liability.


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Applying Technology Solutions

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