Crisis Preparedness & Response

Control Risks helps organizations prepare for, respond to and recover from a wide variety of disruptive events that may threaten people, information, operations and assets as well as long-term business performance, reputation and brand.

Assisting clients in need and ensuring that they return to normal business operations is a core part of our DNA forged over a 40-year history delivering a diverse set of crisis services. Over that time, we have assisted more than 5500 clients in navigating complex problems and crises in nearly 150 countries, in dozens of languages and through the most opaque local contexts.

We work where our clients work ensuring that our services are timely, legally compliant and fit for purpose in the local environment.

Examples of the types of crisis we frequently help clients prepare for and respond to include:

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Preparing for a crisis

Control Risks is there for clients long before a crisis strikes, helping build and enhance the capabilities necessary to manage the full-spectrum of hazards that exist in today’s increasingly complex, complicated, and interconnected business environment.  Our approach to crisis preparedness not only includes enabling our clients to effectively respond to whatever they may face but also a proactive focus on taking the steps necessary to minimize the chances of a crisis occurring in the first place.

As a full service crisis preparedness provider, we help companies:

  • Better understand their existing and emerging threat profile and take the steps necessary to mitigate risk to an acceptable level.
  • Build crisis management, business continuity or resilience programs that provide the platform and protocols for an effective response.
  • Enhance capabilities through creative and realistic crisis training and exercises.

Responding to a crisis

Control Risks is there for clients when a crisis strikes. Across a broad range of potential hazards, incidents and crises, our response and recovery approach is built on a four point outcome:

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  • Perspective.  We help clients understand the relevant dynamics in local jurisdictions.  With the help of our global offices, deep country and regional knowledge and experience in more than 150 countries, we apply real world context, local stakeholder understanding and regulatory expertise to guide decision making. Our clients understand how the crisis may change overtime based on the issues, actors and circumstances.
  • Stability.  Our global network of crisis management professionals helps clients establish the right platform for decision making and assists in ensuring that the necessary resources are brought to bear. 
  • Execution. Control Risks employs a wide range of subject matter experts in fields that are most relevant to our clients’ needs, and we routinely deploy them around the world. These can be specialist security consultants, investigators, protective agents, forensic accountants, cyber incident responders, product recall professionals, workplace violence consultants or other specialist problem solvers.
  • Performance. We know our clients, their goals and their business drivers.  Throughout each stage of our support to clients, Control Risks is thinking about not just the response itself but the longer term business recovery.