Third-party risk in perspective

There is a solution for businesses who rely on global third parties to deliver essential support. There is a better way to manage multiple vendors, tools and services who are critical to daily operations and strategic enterprise.

VANTAGE is a suite of third-party risk and compliance products specifically designed for organisations that interact and work with partners across different sectors and jurisdictions. From initial screenings to deeper levels of research and on-the-ground due diligence, VANTAGE enables you to focus your efforts on mitigating risk, while building efficiencies and automation in your third-party risk management programme.

Unparalleled expertise combined with the most reliable data and advanced technology, VANTAGE puts third-party risk into perspective and helps your business see it as a vehicle for growth.

 VANTAGE standard  

A suite of third-party risk and compliance products that have been designed for conducting a risk-based approach to high volume due diligence:

 VANTAGE gateway

The different ways you can conveniently access and benefit from Control Risks’ expertise: 

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