Most organisations have thousands, even tens of thousands of global and local third-party business relationships across their supply chain. All these third parties have a direct impact on the organisation’s regulatory and legal operations, with any enforcement of violation from regulators being costly, invasive, and potentially reputationally damaging.

You can make risk-based decisions at speed using VANTAGE Screening as it builds your third-party risk profiles combining Control Risks’ expert research teams’ Country Analysis, and market-leading database of 4+ million company and individual profiles from 30,000 unique sources and 50 risk categories. 

Gain visibility, transparency, clarity, and assurance as VANTAGE Screening tracks specialised risk categories and business-significant sanctions, watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and key legal issues captured in the media, covering 240 countries and territories and 77 languages.

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Ongoing monitoring

An ongoing monitoring service of third parties reduces the risk of inadvertent involvement with a sanctioned or blocked entity should its risk status change. As Control Risks VANTAGE tracks pertinent changes or developments, using the categories you have configured to your organisation and risk tolerance, it ensures your company is informed of any red flags as early as possible. Plus, ongoing monitoring offers better visibility and foresight, and reduces exposure to making compliance decisions using out-of-date records.


Compliance Solutions

For time-poor compliance professionals, our experts can manage the screening process and quickly remediate findings on your behalf. This allows your in-house teams to focus on workloads and be more strategic, efficient, and effective. Learn More.

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Control Risks VANTAGE is an award-winning suite of third-party compliance solutions to suit most TPRM programmes, process, teams, tools, and budgets.

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