Control Risks shares your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Control Risks shares your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

When your most recent project team included colleagues from five continents sharing ideas from a rich tapestry of personal and professional backgrounds, you know you’re working at a company that values diversity and inclusion. At Control Risks, we just call it “Tuesday, or frankly any other day of the week”. 

For half of its 45-year history, Control Risks has embraced a “One Firm at Work” philosophy. This means that no matter where in the company you work – on the 14th floor in our Sao Paulo office, or on the 8th floor in our Moscow office, you are part of one company and one culture. We thrive on and learn from our differences. We prioritise teamwork. We collaborate. And we put our money where our mouth is:

Control Risks colleagues are incentivised to share our work with the people most qualified to do the best job. This means relying on colleagues with different beliefs, different genders and gender expressions, and with different ages, sexual orientations, disability status and ethnicities.

Isn’t that the world we live in? By opening our minds – and our teams – we create openness to change, innovation and respect. Oh, and we create great work for our clients.

“Bring your whole self to Control Risks. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”  

At Control Risks, diversity, equity and inclusion are a business priority always at the top of the list. We monitor diversity at the firm, and we ensure our appointment and performance processes are transparent, robust and free from bias.


The creative blend of perspectives we’ve assembled at Control Risks allows us to see the world as it really is, and to better help our clients thrive in it. We celebrate our diversity and our inclusive culture through our People Networks – the Control Risks Women’s Network, our LGBTQ group Mosaic, and our ethnic-identity group Synergy – all of which are integral parts of our Global Diversity Forum. Taken together, each of these groups are greater than the sums of their parts. They support their members, their allies and each other. In turn, this supports the entire firm.




Our lofty language is met by the granularity of equality on the ground. Globally, we provide a consistent minimum standard for maternity and paternity leave and pay, enabling our employees to spend time with new additions to their family when it matters the most. Control Risks provides global flexible working principles, in full recognition that our colleagues sometimes need additional support to balance work with personal goals and commitments. Some of our most senior global executives work flexibly. 

International Women's Day 2020

We are not boastful, but we are gradually getting noticed for what we do:

Awards and recognition

  • Recognized for diversity at the 2019 CIR Magazine Risk Management Awards
  • Named 2019 Compliance Consulting Team of the Year at the C5 Women in Compliance Awards
  • Hind Hussain (Director of Compliance and Government Affairs in Iraq) shortlisted for Compliance Officer of the Year in the 2020 Women in Compliance Awards

We are also not perfect, and we are working to improve:

  • Launching a recruitment system that will enable us to more easily access diverse candidate pools, drive inclusive practices and track diversity at each stage of the process
  • Investing in further inclusion training options for our people as part of our commitment to an inclusive culture
  • Capturing and tracking ethnicity data to enable us to monitor and share progress against our diversity aims

Our global Diversity and Equality Policy underpins these working practices and applies to all employees worldwide. It sets out requirements in all areas of our employment practices, including attraction and recruitment, selection, engagement, development, training, reward and retention. We regularly review it to ensure that it meets the demands of our business and the societies we work in. We recognise that policies demand action and this gives a brief insight into how we strive to implement these principles in our daily work.

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