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  • Turkey: Arrest of mayors likely to lead to increased social unrest, reprisal terrorist attacks in south-east
  • Brazil: Constitutional amendment on public spending to reduce sovereign risks at federal level
  • Lithuania: Opposition parties likely to form centrist coalition with interventionist approach to economic management
  • Peru: Measures to combat crime in construction sector unlikely to improve security environment
  • Iceland: Government unlikely to secure another majority in snap elections, Pirate-led coalition most likely scenario
  • Swaziland: Strike threat highlights rising risk of labour unrest
  • Suriname: Arrest of drug lord highlights Suriname’s role as transit point for illegal narcotics
  • Russia: Thwarted attack linked to extremist group highlights intent to target major cities
  • Botswana: Provisional liquidation of state-owned miner to raise non-payment risk across sectors
  • Montenegro: New prime minister candidate to swiftly negotiate government coalition, ensure policy continuity
  • Zimbabwe: Continued economic deterioration likely despite clearing of IMF arrears
  • Direct Action: In-depth: Growth in right-wing violence poses incidental threat to business in Europe, North America
  • Asia & the Pacific: Senior Chinese official’s visit to North Korea unlikely to ease tensions on Korean Peninsula
  • China: Oath-taking debate in Hong Kong likely to trigger more protests, widen political divisions
  • Poland: Renewed debate on bank tax, FX-mortgage bill herald further regulatory uncertainty in financial sector
  • Namibia: Dispute between ministries over granting of environmental certificate highlights continued regulatory risk
  • Asia & the Pacific: Taiwan opposition leader’s meeting with Beijing unlikely to significantly improve cross-Strait ties
  • Libya: Potential Saudi involvement in organising peace talks unlikely to improve security environment significantly
  • Chile: Integrity risks to remain high following charges against mine operator
  • Bolivia: Shooting in border town signals increased security risks in border areas

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