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  • Myanmar: Report on domestic businesses shows positive but uneven trend in corporate governance standards
  • Pakistan: Arrests, new provincial accountability body will not stem persistent, high corruption risks
  • Ecuador: Controversial exploration efforts will not generate increased contract risks; integrity risks to rise
  • Mexico: New Pemex budget cut points to enhanced contract, non-payment risks
  • Mexico: Extortion attempt of solar energy company in Oaxaca state underscores security challenges
  • Chile: Homicides, violence between criminal groups highlight inadequate prison system not increased security risk
  • Argentina: Public workers’ strike highlights divisions among unions, labour unrest to persist
  • Nigeria: Militant group’s claim of attack highlights fragility of peace efforts in Niger delta region
  • Morocco: New laws highlight slow pace of political reform
  • Algeria: Deregulation likely to be partial, other investment barriers to persist
  • Eritrea: Speculation about president’s health highlights threats around lack of succession plan
  • Serbia: Scenarios: Coalition continues with modest reforms, rule of law slides
  • Uzbekistan: Election campaign to be calm, uncompetitive despite multiple candidates; Mirziyoyev’s victory assured
  • Tanzania: Reputational risk to remain elevated amid continued crackdown on government critics
  • Iran: Supreme leader’s intervention regarding prospective presidential candidates reflects divisions within conservative camp
  • Pakistan: Opposition rally outside Lahore unlikely to cause mass unrest
  • Germany: Attacks on mosque, conference centre indicate increasing xenophobic violence in east
  • Italy: Prime minister sets date for referendum on constitutional reform, puts tenure on line
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Political instability, judicial uncertainty to increase after controversial referendum
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): Further deterioration in relationship with Iran unlikely despite UAE official’s comments

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