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  • Brazil: Ruling coalition likely to block corruption charges against president
  • Bolivia: Contracts to export fertilisers likely to signal increased regulatory risks
  • Moldova: Suspension of president unlikely to cause prolonged political instability
  • Oman: Structural economic issues, social demands to challenge post-succession government
  • Nigeria: Kidnap of four British nationals in Delta state likely to be criminally motivated
  • Egypt: Ambush on counterterrorism operation underscores HIGH security risk in Western Desert, procedural issues within security services
  • Afghanistan: Attacks by Taliban, Islamic State underscore HIGH terrorism risk nationwide
  • Sierra Leone: Selection of surprise ruling party candidate likely to lead to tighter presidential election in March 2018
  • Chile: Former president likely to win general election, no major changes to business environment
  • Asia & the Pacific: Risk of direct conflict remains low despite intensifying heated exchanges between US, North Korea

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