The essential risk monitoring toolkit


CORE is the essential risk monitoring toolkit that allows you to evaluate opportunities and threats around the world.

CORE provides incisive analysis and forecasting on geopolitical and security issues, a series of country risk ratings and an extensive database of incidents. Coupled with visualisation and analytics tools, these help you make informed business decisions and plan operations in confidence.


CORE Daily global coverage
Daily global coverage

Gain insight into the implications of key events and emerging trends through daily analysis on more than 200 countries and territories.


CORE Risk Ratings
Risk ratings

Evaluate and compare countries across a range of security, operational and political ratings that can be filtered, visualised, tracked over time and downloaded.


CORE Powerful mapping
Powerful mapping

Understand the local threat environment for your operations by visualising your assets alongside incident data and risk rating overlays on our dynamic mapping interface. Conduct granular analysis to understand trends in targeting and methods.


CORE In-depth analysis
In-depth analysis

Explore comprehensive country profiles, an extensive archive of past analysis and a historic database of security incidents, including Control Risks’ unmatched kidnap coverage.


CORE Customisable tools
Customisable tools

Produce tailored reports, define location based alerts and receive analysis relevant to your organisation.



In addition to the CORE platform, you can easily integrate our data into your systems with our user-friendly, modern data technology. The CORE API offers a single point of access to comprehensive country intelligence and risk ratings, and an extensive security incident database. Click here for more information on CORE web services for business, or explore our API technology, sample datasets and formats here.


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Extendable through CORE+ specialist modules and services that provide additional coverage of key focus areas.

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