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Monitor risk, identify threats and evaluate opportunities around the world.

Make informed business decisions and plan with confidence with CORE – your essential risk monitoring platform.

CORE provides you with incisive analysis and forecasting on geopolitical and security issues, a series of country risk ratings and an extensive database of incidents. Coupled with visualisation and analytics tools, these help you to make informed business decisions and plan operations with confidence.

You can now supercharge your CORE risk monitoring with Hyperion, from Geospark Analytics. Harness the power of predictive analytics technology combined with expert human verification. Together, Core and Hyperion gives organisations access to predictive and real-time risk monitoring, with Control Risks expert analysis and advice.

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Press Release 30 June 2021

Control Risks announces strategic investment in Geospark Analytics harnessing the power of collaborative intelligence

Control Risks, the leading global specialist risk consultancy, today announces a 10% stake in Geospark Analytics, a market leader in developing applied artificial intelligence solutions for risk and threat monitoring, laying the foundation for a revolutionary strategic partnership.

The move represents a shift in thinking that the human-to- machine interface is more tightly connected than ever before. This partnership accelerates the integration of the two companies’ industry leading technology and methodology to bring the power of human and AI collaborative intelligence to the next generation of global risk and threat analysis professionals.

With the tsunami of real time data streaming in, developing a new standard for global risk and threat assessments is essential for organisations looking to convert risk into opportunity. The answer can only be found in a single platform integrating methods, data, tradecraft, and techniques - providing an unrivalled combination of predictive analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning all filtered by expert human analysts.

“Together, we instinctively understand the power of human verification of emerging indicators, warnings, and stability forecasts that are amplified and enhanced by expert risk consultants with context and advice. Simply put, by investing in Geospark Analytics, we are ready to revolutionise risk monitoring and forecasting and safeguard our clients’ future”, said Control Risks CEO Nick Allan.

“Since inception we have always strived to simplify the chaos of precisely oriented data with an exquisite user experience, aligning with Control Risks’ global experts provides consensus proof for customers who seek rapid and operationally accurate data”, said Geospark Analytics’ Founder and Executive Chairman Omar Balkissoon. “It’s quite an exciting time to see this all come together, man and machine.”

The two firms are committed to an aggressive product roadmap, and a unique collaboration with their industry partners in the form of a Client Advisory Panel will demonstrate their obsessive focus on purpose-built innovation.

About Geospark Analytics

Geospark Analytics was founded in 2017 under the principle "information as it breaks is too late

We help our clients make better decisions faster by identifying and forecasting emerging events on a global scale to mitigate risk, recognize threats, and provide risk intelligence forecasts. 

Hyperion, our AI-driven platform, gathers and analyses risk and threat information using news, social media, economic indicators, governance indicators, travel warnings, weather, and other data from over 6.8million sources.

Helping organisations to identify emerging risk on a global scale

Hyperion from Geospark Analytics

By utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hyperion helps security, intelligence and business resiliency teams to identify and forecast emerging global events at machine speed.

Hyperion enables humans to understand inhuman amounts of information. Increase your situational awareness, verify events, better recognise threats and access additional context specific to your people, places, product and investments.

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