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CORE is the essential risk monitoring toolkit that allows you to evaluate opportunities and threats around the world.

CORE provides incisive analysis and forecasting on geopolitical and security issues, a series of country risk ratings and an extensive database of incidents. Coupled with visualisation and analytics tools, these help you make informed business decisions and plan operations in confidence.


CORE can be extended through CORE+ specialist modules and services that provide additional coverage of key focus areas.


+ cyber

Sector-specific analysis of cyber threats and trends with mitigation advice to help your response.

+ economics

Analysis of economic and geopolitical risk through ratings, in-depth country profiles and event driven analysis provided by Control Risks and Oxford Economics.

+ maritime

Analysis and monitoring combined with powerful planning tools to help you identify, assess and mitigate risks in the maritime environment.

+ political

In-depth analysis of regulatory, contract and integrity issues, with scenario forecasting on more than 100 countries.

+ analyst access

Access to our global team to receive advice that is tailored to your organisation’s operations and footprint.

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Anticipate the trajectory and impact of political and policy developments

+ travel

International SOS and Control Risks

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CORE statistics and analysis

CORE statistics and analysis

CORE and CORE+ modules provide access to an extensive database of incidents and analysis covering crime, war, unrest, terrorism, kidnap etc. demonstrated here through a selection of reports and infographics.

CORE monthly webinars

CORE monthly webinars

CORE and CORE+ subscribers benefit from access to monthly webinars delivered by our team of multinational and multi-disciplined analysts. Each month a topic is selected from among the most relevant global developments and CORE content sets. We share invaluable insights helping our clients build organisations that are secure, compliant and resilient in an age of ever-changing risk and connectivity.

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