Associate Director, Cyber Protect

Location: Washington, DC
Key skills: Cyber security, crisis management, data regulations
Interests: Skiing, bicycling, wine

“Having the opportunity to work side-by-side with our clients, to see them grow and mature over time, and to have played a part in that journey is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.”

Steven Sacks,
Control Risks

Steven S. at Control Risks

Coming from the military where threat and risk analysis were the bedrock of our operational strategies, I was drawn to Control Risks' approach of helping clients discover opportunities in global volatility. I love putting the pieces of the proverbial puzzle together to generate a comprehensive perspective of the world around us. Blending these fragments from diverse firm practices for our clients adds a unique element to my daily professional journey.

In cyber security, I cover a range of services from due diligence to programmatic assessments, each with distinct industry, problem set, and client priorities. Our approach begins with a comprehensive threat assessment to identify potential assailants targeting our clients and their crucial assets. These principles guide our recommendations, helping clients enhance operational resilience in an ever-changing global landscape.

A standout instance involves a program of exercises conducted for a global pharmaceutical company. Initially engaging Control Risks to develop a ransomware response playbook for their executive crisis management team, we subsequently devised quarterly tabletop and semi-live exercises. These exercises aimed to educate and train the client’s team on their roles in responding to and recovering from cyber crises. Over time, the exercises evolved from slide-driven scenarios to self-conducted simulations on the client’s communication platform. Witnessing their growth in capability and maturity was exceptionally fulfilling.

Outside of work, I am a wine enthusiast and enjoy exploring vineyards in the Washington DC area. I’m also a devoted reader of futuristic science fiction and historical non-fiction.

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