Service: Executive protection, physical security assessment 

Location: Tajikistan 

Control Risks’ executive protection team used local knowledge and world-class security expertise to provide a comprehensive and scalable risk assessment for a business trip in Tajikistan.  

Like any country, the risk landscape in Tajikistan varies widely from region to region. Our client brought Control Risks on to assess an itinerary that spanned from the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, to the remote and volatile areas bordering Afghanistan and the Gorno-Badakhshan in the Pamir region. 

The client knew the cost of moving ahead without a well-rounded understanding of local context and reliable on-the-ground contacts and resources. They wanted to make sure they were prepared for whatever situation might arise.  

Local is everything  

Our local team already had strong support capabilities in Dushanbe and were able to build on this foundation through reconnaissance into the geography and local standards of the more remote regions in the client’s itinerary.  

The lack of infrastructure in the Pamir region meant our team needed to map out the driving route entirely on location. Most of the drive approaching the Pamirs runs through highly mountainous terrain, with little in the way of formal roads or roadway safety. The team planned carefully, making arrangements for robust transport and reliable emergency contacts.  

Transportation was only one piece of the puzzle. The Afghan border areas in the Pamir region require a government permit to visit and are not adequately secured. Risks stemming from drug smugglers’ use of firearms – including regular run-ins between smugglers and border guards – are high. In such a complex risk dynamic, having accurate intel can mean the difference between life and death.   

Assessment complete 

Our local team made sense of this complex risk environment and provided our client with a thorough security assessment. Not only did the client safely complete their itinerary, but they were also able to use our assessment as a protective detail concept for subsequent activities in Tajikistan. With our team in the field putting in the work up front, our client was able to cut down on preparation time, cost and stress going forward.

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