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Control Risks forms alliances with other businesses in order to create better outcomes for our clients. By blending our expertise and capabilities with other specialist providers, clients can be assured that they are getting the best solution at a competitive price.


International SOS

We have an award winning alliance with International SOS, the largest provider of medical and travel security services. Our combined expertise, analysis and global assistance provides best in class medical and travel security risk services for international travellers and expatriates.


For more than 20 years, Control Risks has partnered exclusively with Hiscox, the world's largest provider of specialist kidnap, detention and extortion insurance, to provide expert advice and assistance to clients who are facing issues of extortive crime.

Oxford Economics

Our joint venture with Oxford Economics, the leader in global economic forecasting and quantitative analysis, combines our extensive geopolitical, operational and security expertise with rigorous economic forecasts and models on 200 countries and 100 industries.

APL Logistics

With APL Logistics, a leading provider of global, integrated supply chain solutions, we provide online and consulting services designed to help international organisations visualise and manage their global supply chain risk exposure.

One Voice

One Voice is a leading supplier of technical tools for planning and efficient handling of incidents and crises across organisations. Together we provide Crisis Resilience Online, a secure and flexible online tool that enables you to build, maintain and activate your organisation’s crisis management plans.

Our alliances in action

Multi-country economic and sector spending assessment

A leading defence and aerospace company wanted to assess how public spending in eight oil-exporting countries would be affected under different oil price scenarios

Military coup: integrated medical and travel security assistance

A military coup in Burkina Faso, West Africa, presented a heightened security threat, disrupted travel and a problem accessing vital medication

Paris 2015 attacks: 1000 assistance cases

Our integrated travel security and medical support teams provided advice and assistance to those in Paris at the times of the attacks, including in the vicinity

Security Incident Response

We provide the operational response that is integral to the Security Incident Response policy provided by Hiscox, the specialist insurer

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