Control Risks and Hiscox: 30 years of partnership

Together we protect what matters most

Control Risks has proudly partnered with Hiscox for 30 years as the exclusive responder under a portfolio of crisis management insurance policies. Together, Hiscox and Control Risks have helped policyholders manage thousands of crisis events, including complex security and integrity issues, right across the world.  

Our partnership has evolved over the decades, from its origins in kidnap for ransom, to security incident response, terrorism, malicious attack, product recall and cyber policies. Control Risks and Hiscox remain global leaders in this sector, with a joint focus on the best interests of the policyholder. 

Crisis response is part of Control Risks’ DNA; we have the largest and most experienced team in the world. Our experts are what set us apart. With Control Risks and Hiscox committed to a future of working together, we will continue to offer unrivalled crisis management and response support to protect that matters most. 


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